Vampire Month – Featuring the Vampire Awakenings Series by Brenda K. Davies

June is Vampire Month for Oddity Reviews – Featuring the Vampire Awakenings Series by Brenda K. Davies. Book 3 is currently being worked on so we will be doing a review of the first two books while we anxiously await the arrival of the next installment. In addition to the book reviews keep checking back for a fun fact interview with this talented author about how she chose her “different faces” when publishing some of her most popular vampire series and we will learn more about her personal life as well. Of course we will also be doing giveaways so stick around this week as we review and relive the adventure of the Vampire Awakenings!

awakenedBook #1 in the series Awakened follows main characters Sera and Liam as their paths cross in an unexpected way and while they both are harboring a dark past and secrets that may someday come back to haunt them will they be able to stay away from each other or will they follow a path that may lead them both to destruction?
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destinedBook #2 in the series Destined brings to light the mating rituals that was born into the vampire community decades before Isabelle was ever thought of and to prevent herself from enduring the same fate attempts to hide from her destiny but when Stefan steps into the picture her world will be forever altered and she may have little to no control over her future choices.  When something is meant to be even a strong headed Isabelle and hauntingly but sexy Stefan’s weary past will stand in the way.

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