The Virtual Book Con Author Interview – Rosalie Redd

rosalieHere is my author interview with Rosalie Redd for The Virtual Book Con Event featuring sci-fi and fantasy authors. We will be highlighting her book Untouchable Lover so make sure to grab your copy today!

What is your favorite thing about the fantasy/sci-fi genres?
Ooh, I love new worlds and fantastic places. Anything set in a beautiful, different world filled with magic and strange new creatures is a place I’d love to visit.

What is your favorite fantasy/sci-fi based movie?
My favorite fantasy movie would have to be Underworld. I love the strong heroine Selene and the battle between the vampires and werewolves.

How many books do you current have in the fantasy/sci-fi genres and which one would you recommend new readers starting with?
I have three books in my Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony series along with three short stories in the related Love in a Bottle Series. This series is about gods from the planet Lemuria who start a war over Earth’s most precious resource—water. Each of the books can be read stand-alone, but for the best experience, start with Unforgettable Lover.

What one thing has changed about you or your writing from when you first started to now? Hmmm…interesting question. I think my sense of humor has morphed into an odd sarcasm, which comes out in my villains. Gotta love the bad guys…or girls as the case may be.

If you could vacation to any spot in the world with anyone where would you go and who would accompany you?
I’d love to go Ireland with my hubby. There are so many interesting historical sites, some which pre-date written records like Newgrange, an ancient burial mound. How fascinating!

What do you find to be the hardest thing about writing or publishing a book?
Hands down…marketing. Getting noticed in your genre and getting your book into readers hands is a big challenge. It’s hard to rise above the waves of books out there.

Do you find that you sell more books during certain months or holidays versus other times?
Lol…this is my debut year, so I can’t really answer this question. Give me a couple of years and I’ll let you know.

If you had one redo in life what would it be and why?
Oh, boy. Tough choice. Can I redo two? Hmm…well, if I have to pick, I’d say I wish I’d stayed with my ballet lessons when I was a kid. I love to dance and always wondered what would’ve happened had I had some training.

What is your favorite part about being an author?
I write to share hope. I love it when a reader tells me one of my books moved them and they loved it. Writing happily ever afters and sharing the hope of a better life is so important to me. There’s so much negativity and bad stuff in the world, that if my stories can provide a bit of entertainment, escape, or hope to someone else for a couple of hours, I’m happy.

Do you have any specific reviews or comments that stand out that you have received over time?
Yes. I received a wonderful 5 star “Crowned Heart” review from Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick at InD’Tale Magazine for Untouchable Lover:
It is no small feat to find a book that keeps a reader hooked, with description so vivid the reader can close their eyes and actually see the world created, going through the journey with the characters like a personal movie. That’s exactly what Rosalie Redd has done! She has created characters that are so likable and created a world so vivid and real that the book comes to life. Noeh is the ideal Alpha male who is strong but at the same time has a sensitive side that readers will love. Melissa is written in such a way that it’s easy to feel sympathy for her and cheer when she begins to get better and develop feelings for Noeh. Considering how well this book was written, if the rest of the books in the series are as good then this series will be fantastic!

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