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parkerHere is my author interview with Parker Sinclair for The Virtual Book Con Event which is featuring sci-fi and fantasy authors. We will be highlighting The Alex Conner Chronicles by this talented author so make sure to check them out. The series currently has three books available Trust (book one in the series), Truth (book two in the series) and the latest release and novella Forbidden.

What is your favorite thing about the fantasy/sci-fi genres?
I love creating exceptional abilities for characters, a world within our world, and to test the boundaries of what’s come before, and what is still out there to create, or revisit.  I love the escape fantasy books provide the reader, and the writer. There is no end to magic, mystical powers, beings, places, outcomes, or stories.

What is your favorite fantasy/sci-fi based movie?
Ahh, this is hard.  When I was younger I would have said The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Neverending Story, The Dark Crystal, and Legend. Over the years I would like to add: The Fifth Element, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pans Labyrinth, & The Guardians of the Galaxy. Sorry, you asked for one, didn’t you?

How many books do you currently have in the fantasy/sci-fi genres and which one would you recommend new readers starting with?
I have three out right now, with two more coming this winter. The three I have out now are part of the same series, The Alex Conner Chronicles.  Readers should start with Trust: The Alex Conner Chronicles Book One. I like to add the sequence to the title to make it easier. Of course my third book, the novella Forbidden, doesn’t have a number.  Darn it!

What one thing has changed about you or your writing from when you first started to now?
When I first started writing I was very young and they were mainly journals, short stories, and poems.  In middle school, I had my very own pen name.  I’ve always loved to read. I mean obsessive, no sleep required, read. Back then I never thought, hey self, you can write a book like these. Ones that are just as long, with those in-depth characters. I stuck to poetry mainly. But now, now that I’ve done it, I can’t stop. The stories just pour out of me. I love it!

If you could vacation to any spot in the world with anyone where would you go and who would accompany you?
I want to go to Ireland and the Mediterranean terribly. My husband and I are both Irish in decent, and something has always drawn me to Ireland.  The Mediterranean was the backdrop to one of my favorite movies, The Big Blue, and it’s amazing scenery has stuck with me. That movie was one of the reasons I pursued training and researching dolphins. I would go with my husband to the Riviera and with the whole family to Ireland.

What do you find to be the hardest thing about writing or publishing a book?
The hardest thing was to believe that I could stand out amongst so many other fabulous authors. Yet, I stay positive, confident, and aware that there are plenty of readers for all of us!

Do you find that you sell more books during certain months or holidays versus other times?
I sell a lot during events (both in person and online), during releases, and I hope even more now that I am dedicating my life full-time to my craft.

If you had one redo in life what would it be and why?
I wish I could have seen my mother more before she passed, and that I could have spoken to her before she was incoherent.  We both kept waiting and waiting for the right time, and then the time was lost. I did write her something, my dad printed it off for her to read, and I know she read it.  My daughter’s will never know her in person, but they will know her through me. She is part of every book I write. My mother came to be in the desert of Arizona during a very spiritual trip, and when I returned, Trust came out of me like a tidal wave.  I see her in my daughters everyday.  There’s never enough time, so make the most of it!

What is your favorite part about being an author?
I love bringing enjoyment, escape, and entertainment to my readers.  Hearing their feedback is amazing.  I also love what my mind can create. I smiled all the way through my 3,000 words today. It’s an amazing feeling.

Do you have any specific reviews or comments that stand out that you have received over time?
Just recently, I met a woman at an event and she said to me, “you are on the top of my list young lady…you are great at what you do.”  That seriously made me cry.  I loved every second of that conversation.

In my reviews, the readers talk about my novels being one of a kind and well researched. I know we are all guided by what we have read, by all the authors before us, but my reader’s feel I have my own voice and style.  As a scientist, research was a big part of my life, and so I continue it with my books. You have to know how to hold that wicked fighting staff if you are going to use it right! I like to think of my ideas as different, new, and creative.  It keeps me going, reaching, researching, and creating.

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