The Virtual Book Con Author Interview – Cherime McFarlane

cherimeHere is my author interview with Cherime MacFarlane for The Virtual Book Con Event featuring sci-fi and featuring authors. We will be highlighting her book Brain Waves so make sure to check it out and grab your copy today!

What is your favorite thing about the fantasy/sci-fi genres?
Building a world with nothing is impossible.

What is your favorite fantasy/sci-fi based movie?
Lady Hawke

How many books do you current have in the fantasy/sci-fi genres and which one would you recommend new readers starting with?
Brain Waves

What one thing has changed about you or your writing from when you first started to now?
It flows a lot easier now.

If you could vacation to any spot in the world with anyone where would you go and who would accompany you?
Skara Brae, my son.

What do you find to be the hardest thing about writing or publishing a book?

Do you find that you sell more books during certain months or holidays versus other times?
I don’t think so.

If you had one redo in life what would it be and why?
Run off with my second husband a lot sooner.

What is your favorite part about being an author?
When the characters start talking

Do you have any specific reviews or comments that stand out that you have received over time?
“Brain Waves may not be the type of title one would consider a love story, and yet is is a Love story, as well as an epic science fiction novel.” Gladdened my heart.

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