The Virtual Book Con Author Interview – Caroline A. Gill

carolineHere is my author interview with Caroline A. Gill for The Virtual Book Con Event featuring sci-fi and fantasy authors. We will be featuring her book Flying Away so make sure to grab your copy today.

What is your favorite thing about the fantasy/sci-fi genres?
Our world is filled with terrors. Writing paranormal fantasy stories gives me a chance to add hope and wonder to the crazy events of our day. Why can’t flies have magic? Taking something so ordinary and making it wonderful feels more right to me than absorbing the daily news and feeling helpless. If i had the power to change the world, it wouldn’t be a magical item or to whom I was born. It would be the friendships made and love shared between us that alters the darkest of futures.

What is your favorite fantasy/sci-fi based movie?
The Princess Bride is definitely the favorite. The dialogue, the memes, the characters, each were so fresh, so invigorating to watch on the screen. Unexpected things happen when people with odd skills team up. Who has an Apocalypse Cloak? LOL.

How many books do you current have in the fantasy/sci-fi genres and which one would you recommend new readers starting with?
Flying Away is the first book in the Flykeeper Chronicles, Fantasy YA Magic Realism. It is .99c right now. Book two, Flying Blind is also available on Amazon. Book Three Flying Free releases in August.

What one thing has changed about you or your writing from when you first started to now?
I am very leery of Was and Had… the passive voice creeps in so easily to my writing. I have to watch that a lot. And no semi colons if I can help it. Which is funny and sad at the same time. I am sure Charles Dickens disagrees.

If you could vacation to any spot in the world with anyone where would you go and who would accompany you?
I would like to go to Niagra Falls again. I went there as a child and stood in the tunnels under the main falls, wearing rain gear and getting drenched. The sheer power of that natural force was stunning, overwhelming me. The noise 100,000 gallons of water makes when falling was the closest I have come to  the roar of God.

What do you find to be the hardest thing about writing or publishing a book?
Finding readers. Finding my tribe… it is slow going but the friendships are incredibly worth it. In part, it is because I wrote about the magic of houseflies in a dystopian, broken America… pretty small market for that.

Do you find that you sell more books during certain months or holidays versus other times?
I am still learning so much. I sell books when I market, when I don’t have my head immersed in writing another story or in reading some of my fellow authors’ amazing work. Books sell when they hit a nerve. Flymagic requires a bit of daring on behalf of the reader.

If you had one redo in life what would it be and why?
I would never have stopped writing. I listened to the English Teaching Assistants at UCLA as they red marked my work and I struggled to get a B. I didn’t realize that they are purposefully hard on students, actively discouraging people from pursuing an english degree. Even though I was getting high praise in my other papers for different courses, I felt like I was a failure. Like I wasn’t good enough. So I walked away from writing fiction for 20 years. That was the mistake I made: Listening to critics instead of supporters.

What is your favorite part about being an author?
When a reader gets caught up in Iolani Bearse’s struggle, in the world she lives in, in the people she loves. When readers tell me how my book changed the way they see the world. And the way they see magic around them. Not to mention, finding a bit of love for flies…

Do you have any specific reviews or comments that stand out that you have received over time?
“Part of this book are beautiful. Parts are incredibly sad, and there are even a few gritty scenes that challenge what we think about young heroes.
Lani, the primary character, is young. But her guiding stars– family, love, and loyalty– are what this book is actually about. Yes, there’s a horrid secret that’s killing people, and yes, it’s something I’d never seen before in a novel. It’s unique, it’s visceral, and it’s a violation. Lani is tough. She crosses a lot of land using her wits, and she doesn’t emerge unscathed. For me, that’s the part of the book that *felt* most real. She doesn’t ride in on a white horse and save the day– she rides a horse named Mango across a nation that is slowly being consumed by an evil that takes the very knowledge of its existence away.
I learned that something as humble as flies can be angels. It’s a beautiful twist. You’ll love it.” ~Flubert, (Terry Maggert) Goodreads

“Flies.. Who knew I’d like a book about flies.. I surely didn’t. Yet Caroline has written this so well I can’t help but love it.
This book Is imaginative, detailed and strange.. Yet very good.
I admit, it took me a few chapters to really get into it, but once I did, wow. I finished it over the course of just a few hours.
The ending made me well up with tears. It was refreshing to read about someone so young who saves not only the world but in turn, saves herself from guilt, loneliness and heartache.” ~2 One Click Chicks Blog, Goodreads

“Wow… I just started this book… I don’t have a clue what is going on yet, but I’ve got to say that I like it..

After running into a spate of YA books that never quite engaged me it’s just so great to finally read one that is pure joy! I picked up this book because it looked different. I hadn’t heard of this author before and I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about it. And I immediately fell in love. With just a few words Caroline’s able to put the reader right into the action… …”The Pitch of midnight closed around me like a smothering velvet fist…” Wow! Powerful! I love Lani (Iolani) and Mal (Malcolm). And Mango the horse! This magical story is not just about a girl and some flies… It’s actually a very strange urban tale and a girl who can manipulate and talk to flies! I know it sounds crazy but really, believe me, it totally works! The book is about family and friendship and love…

Yes Caroline Gill, it’s true I’ll never be able to think of flies in the same way… I’ll still squish ’em though, just sayin’… Flies hummm…

So get your own copy now so you’ll be ready when book 2 is released next month!!! Huzzah!” ~Cmoore, Goodreads review

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