The Twin Destinies Saga Book Review – Cheryl Davis

Medium (1)Destiny Begins: Prequel Novella (The Twin Destinies Saga) was a fun read. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started the book it being the prequel but it really was interesting. You are able to feel the anguish and severity that they face with the war raging between their parents and life in general. I decided to keep reading and finished Cora’s Kismet yesterday (The Twin Destinies Saga, #1 and really enjoyed it. The book which follows twin girls Viola and Cora as they discover that the life they have been living was just a mask for what their true destiny holds. I like how the author Cheryl Davis gave each girl their own unique personalities and traits which can be seen throughout the book. Characterization to me is a huge part of writing a successful book and I do believe that she succeeded in doing so. What is it that makes the twins different and will they be able to fulfill their destiny? Is the stranger Liam Anderson really here to save them and is their new family everything that they had ever hoped for? In the next book in the series Viola’s Risk she will have big challenges to face and how she chooses can ensure a happy future with the person that is destined to be her mate or leave her and him wishing they had never met. Of the 3 books in the series thus far I think that I liked Cora’s Kismet the best. I have left you with many questions that I do not want to give the answers to so if you have yet to read this series  you can do so by clicking the links below.

Destiny Begins: Prequel Novella (The Twin Destinies Saga)
Cora’s Kismet (The Twin Destinies Saga)

Viola’s Risk (The Twin Destinies Saga)

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