The Skye Morrison Vampire Series Book Review – J.L. McCoy

coverWhen I first started reading the Skye Morrison Vampire Series I really didn’t know what to expect but loved every minute of it. These are not your typical blood sucking vampire books but they are far from dull. In fact they give a fresh storyline that will keep you intrigued and wanting to see more. There was quite a bit in the books dedicated to telling you what Skye was doing or drinking or dressing but personally I like detail. I like to be able to mentally picture what is going on with the characters and for me J.L. McCoy delivers o that. As I moved on to book two in the series more of the plot came into play and I really enjoyed it more than book one. The further that I get into the series the more I love the next book than the previous one. If you are vampire fan such as myself I definitely recommend this awesome series. If you are looking for a paranormal but sexy full of twist and turns series to read then click below to get your copy today!!!

Blood of the Son (Skye Morrison Vampire Series, #1)

Sins of the Father (Skye Morrison Vampire Series, #2)

The Original Sin (Skye Morrison Vampire Series, #3)

Legacy of Blood (Skye Morrison Vampire Series, #4)

Revelation of Blood (Skye Morrison Vampire Series, #5)

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