The Ragnarok Legacy Book Review – R.A. Sears

coverSo one of the newest authors in my midst is the talented R.A. Sears who generously sent me the book The Ragnarok Legacy (Lunacy) to review and I just finished it this morning and it was very well written. The book which follows main characters Kacea and Jynxx (loved the names by the way they are creative in their spelling and somehow just fit in the book) bring together a mixture of magic, dread and destinies that we just cannot out run. Kacea who is pulled from being a high school student and thrown into a supernatural world has more on her shoulders than any teenager should have to deal with but she does what she needs to do keep her family and loved ones safe. This is a book that is written to throw you straight from one scene to another with no drama and action along the way so I definitely recommend reading it. I look forward to reading book two in the series. I hope to see more about some of the other characters in future books but as any good author does they introduce and leave us wanting more! If you have yet to read this book you can do so by clicking below!

Lunacy (The Ragnarok Legacy Book 1)

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