The Queen of Swords Book Review – Nina Mason

ninaI just finished reading The Queen of Swords: A Paranormal Tale of Undying Love a few days ago and just now getting around to doing my review. The sweet and talented author Nina Mason feeds my love for vampires in this amazing book. Drawing the “Queen of Swords” gives main character vampire Graham a love and loss all in one. He must either let her go or make her something that he has always sworn not to do so where does that leave them in this amazing book? You will have to read it to find out but I will say that this is an adventure that you will remember and have to reread just because you didn’t get enough of it the first time around. Unlike many vampire books this one involves other paranormal beings which bring depth to the book including a white witch that doesn’t want to lose her grip and when her spell is cast things that we did not expect to find out will arise. Can Graham be saved and what will come of the Queen of Swords? If you have yet to read this amazing book click below to get your copy today for paranormal romance that will leave you excited and on the edge!

The Queen of Swords: A Paranormal Tale of Undying Love

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