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tkHere is my author interview with T.K. Lawyer for the The Paranormal Playground Event. Make sure to check out her book Jasper: The Guardian League: Book One which is a must read. Grab your copy today!

What made you decide to write in the paranormal genre and is it also your preferred genre to read as well?
Well, I have always had an interest in strange, “things that go bump in the night” occurrences. These kinds of things always fascinate me and since I love romance, it just seemed right to pair the two together. For now, Paranormal Romance is my preferred genre and it is the one that I read the most; however, you never know in the future, that could change. I tried once to write contemporary romance but I’m too drawn to writing about beings with super-powers and how this affects them, their environment and those around them. I love the idea of creating all kinds of magical experiences that are beyond human ability.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
This is a tough question because I feel like I lost my inspiration and biggest supporter when my mom passed away in July 2015; however, despite her passing, I still continue doing what I do because I can’t stop. I can’t do anything else because if I stop writing I will realize how boring and mundane my life really is without the creativity – no joke, it is pretty sad. Writing, in itself, inspires me to continue because it’s so much fun to create and improvise and fill in scene after scene until – lo and behold- a book forms. But what’s even better than that is when your readers experience emotional reactions to your book, whether they laugh, get upset or even cry. I’ve had a few cry from reading Jasper and that makes me feel good because that means they really enjoyed the book enough to be immersed in it- a work of fiction that my many months of typing created for them. It’s really amazing.

When it comes to writing and reading do you prefer standalone books or series and why?
I prefer standalone books or ones that are part of a series. That way I can read all the characters in that series but have no cliffhangers to deal with. I like it when characters from previous books in the series are mentioned in later books in the series. I do this with my books and find readers fall in love with the characters and want to know more or see cameos of their favorites.

Are you self-published or with a traditional publisher and what do you think the pros and cons of each are?
I am with a publisher though I have considered self-publishing. The main reasons I considered self-publishing is because very few traditional publishers publish short story books and I have one that has been sitting, waiting to be published. So, I may need to consider self-publishing this book at some point in the future. I also prefer self-publishing in the sense that you can publish books at your own pace. Waiting for a publisher to publish your book is torture…. Especially when you are an impatient person as me. Overall, though, I do prefer a publisher to handle all the little things I don’t want to, like: formatting the book into all the formats possible to publish and submitting it to numerous sites, creating the book cover, and editing the book. I’d rather concentrate on writing, marketing and advertising then all the tedious tidbits that go with publication.

What is your favorite selling platform for your books and why?
Facebook is the site that seems to be one of the better ones to get the word out about one’s books and to market and advertise them, sometimes for free, so I’m on Facebook quite a lot.

If you could co-write a book with any other paranormal author who would you choose and why?
This is a tough one for me because I like a lot of authors. I think I would like working with Eve Langlais. She has a funny sense of humor and she has great ideas. I think we could combine our strengths and create something wonderful for our readers.

What can new readers expect to find when reading your books?
My PNR books are different- they are based on Earth. Angels come down to Earth to pursue the one special female who has caught their fancy and they do normal “human things” like date, go to the movie theater, spend time at home, go out with friends, etc. You don’t see a lot of books where Angels participate in basic human culture but I believe they can do anything and I incorporate a more “down to earth” side of them. My wolf-shifters are Alphas at heart though not necessarily part of a pack- they find their mates by a unique, knee-weakening scent made just for their delight and pursue their mates just like any male human being.

How do you think social media impacts authors and what would you like to see changed?
I think social media is wonderful but as a new author it can be utter chaos determining which sites are best to advertise/market and get the word out about their wonderful novel. It is a real, painstaking struggle to become known and something newbie authors have to work on every day, attempting to find out what works and what doesn’t by their own sweat and tears. I really wish that great new authors that might not have a wide fan base had a chance to be known quicker. The fact that Amazon won’t promote authors that have few reviews though they may be wonderful unknowns with great writing skills is very sad and it wreaks havoc with one’s self-esteem.

When you aren’t writing what are some of your favorite things to do with your time?
I love to go out with family and friends and spend time together, whether it be shopping, dining out, attending an event or just hanging out around the T.V., spending fun, quality time with those I love. When I have a little extra money, I love traveling to new states and exploring the towns. My husband and I are adventurers and if we could, we’d travel all the time.

What advice would you give to new authors that are just starting out?
Don’t give up on your dreams because it will be a long, uphill, emotional battle- (that I was not prepared for). However, if you truly want it, then it will be worth it and keep reminding yourself of this during the journey. Find and/or garner a support system for those times you feel deflated or ignored- kind, loving, wonderful friends who will be your strength when you are burnt out and think you can’t take one more step. They will help you flourish.

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