The Multi Genre, Multi Day Themed Event Interview – Laurie Olerich

Here is my author interview with Laurie Olerich for the The Multi Genre, Multi Day Themed Author Event – Paranormal Day. We will be featuring her Demons After Dark Series which includes Vanek and Benn so make sure to grab your copies of these awesome books today!
What made you choose to write in the paranormal genre?  
I love creating the world and the lore that goes with it. My stories are meant to be an escape for readers. What better way to forget your problems than to lose yourself in a world that may or may not exist alongside our boring one? Each book builds on the lore and the backstory so it unfolds in real time as you read. I love giving my characters unique psychic abilities that give them an edge on the bad guys and in the bedroom too–telepathy, telekinesis, energy exchange, teleporting… Imagine the possibilities!
My paranormal world includes Primani (immortal soldiers), psychics, angels, and demons (both good and bad). Oh, and just because this is PNR, there’s no reason to leave out the occasional kinky character, is there? These guys have needs too! Now, isn’t that more fun than cowboys and bikers? Wink, wink!

How many books do you currently have out and which one would you recommend new readers start with?
I have two series out. Neither are complete. The Primani Series currently has six books. Demons After Dark currently has two. In my Primani Series, the Primani are the good guys. Made immortal by an archangel, they exist to give humans a fighting chance against the chaos caused by demons. This doesn’t mean they are pure, or always good, or completely moral. They still retain their humanity. The first three books form a trilogy with one story arc. You need to read them in order so start with “Primani.” By the way, “Primani” is free so no risk in trying it out. The other three books–“Broken Souls,” “Darkness Calling,” and “Saol Mates” can be read as stand-alone titles. I love them all, but if you want the steamier reads, start with the standalones. The trilogy is less steamy, but oh, so good if you want adventure and romance.

In Demons After Dark, the demons are the good guys. This series is hot, action-packed, and introduces you to Hell as you’ve never seen it before. If you start the DaD series, read “Vanek” first. It sets the premise and he’s hilarious and freakin’ hot as… well… Hell!

Do you enjoy reading paranormal books as much as you like to write them?
I’m a picky reader. I do enjoy PNR better than other romance genres though.

If you could co-write a new paranormal book with any other author who would you choose and why?
J.R. Ward because her Fallen Angels series is fun and I like the way she’s developed her angels. They are gritty and rough around the edges like my Primani.

How do you think you have grown as an author from the time when you first started until now?
I’ve learned so much over the past five years since I began “Primani.” My writing style has evolved from my first and second novels which were written in first person to my extensive use of deep POV in the rest of my books. I write with a conversational, fast-paced style. I’ve learned to really fine-tune pacing and my writing is much, much crisper. I think every author looks back at early works and cringes just a little, but you don’t get better without effort and study. This is part of the craft of writing.

If you had to describe the life of an author in three words what would you choose?
Satisfying. Risky. Roller coaster.

Do you have any recent literary news that you would like to share with us?  
News? Hmm. I’ll be finishing and releasing the third book in Demons After Dark later this summer/fall. Look for “Koivu.”  I’m also planning on finishing and releasing another book in the Primani Series. 2018 looks promising! I’m planning four books for 2018.

How long on average does it take you from start to finish to release a new book?
Usually, it takes me around four months. I’m writing shorter books for my new series. These should take about three months.

What book or books do you plan on promoting during your paranormal themed day takeover?
I’m promoting “Vanek” and “Benn.” I’d like to introduce these two crazy guys to the rest of the world. They’re so much more than hot bodies and pretty faces! Demons are so misunderstood!

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice when it came to being an author what would you say and why?
Understand the market and expect ups and downs. This isn’t an easy industry. Take each day as it comes and don’t get discouraged. It’s super easy to publish a book today. That means there are literally tens of thousands of new books added to Amazon–daily. There are no one-hit wonders anymore. You have to write because you love the CRAFT of writing and not to have fame and fortune. Writing beautiful scenes, memorable characters, breathtaking sex takes love to do right. Don’t expect to quit your day job. Success can take years. Write because it brings you joy.

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