The Mortal One Book Review – Shannon Bell

coverSo I just finished The Mortal One which was written by the talented author Shannon Bell. The book is a pleasant read as it follows main character Dylan as she comes face to face with the one thing she never thought she could deal with which is Nico, the hot vampire which will forever change her life. However, Nico is not the only vampire that has his sights set on Dylan and when it comes to the other vampire he will stop at nothing to make her his so what will she need to do to prevent it and will she do it? Dylan has a life altering event take place that leaves her heart broken and looking for change but what she gets is a life that she never thought existed or possible and how it plays out will be up to her and how well Nico can protect her. My favorite thing about the book is that it does not have the typical vampire setting which is a bit refreshing so bravo for Shannon! The Mortal One puts a new spin on the typical vampire stories that you read so I definitely recommend you check it out. This is my first time reading anything by Shannon and I would definitely recommend her work to others. I look forward to seeing more books by her and if you have yet to read this book click below to get your copy today.

The Mortal One

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