The Lost One (End of Days Series) Book Review – Meg Collett

coverA few months ago I interviewed Meg Collett which is the author of the End of Days series which can be seen by clicking HERE. I did a book review of book one in the series The Hunted One which can be seen by clicking HERE! I was recently lucky enough to be gifted book 2 “The Lost One” and an early ARC copy of the third book in the series which has yet to be released – The Only One. I just finished reading book 2 and let me tell you if you have read book one and loved it then you are going to be amazed by what happens in book 2. I actually did not see specific things coming and was left on edge until I finished the chapter to find out what happened. As many of my readers know I typically am not into angel books but this one totally convinced me that they are right up there with my favorites (vampires) and that Meg Collett is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the author world.

The Lost One throws Michaela into the war that she wanted but the outcome may not be what she really had hoped for. Casting doubt on the Aethere brings the world and mankind one step closer to their final destruction if they succeed in obtaining the Seven Seals the world as we know it will be no more. Will Michaela and Gabriel be able mend their relationship and can she fix things before it’s too late? The book was so good that I was able to finish it in the same day just because I could not put it down. Honestly if I could give the book 6 stars out of five I would. While the storyline is strong and the grammar is fine the one thing that really attracts me to this book is the fact that Meg Collett has the ability to really throw you into the story so you feel what Michaela is feeling and able to see things through the characters eyes which for me only comes from a truly talented and passionate author. The books are well written with beautiful and tasteful covers that really pull it all together.

I will soon be releasing my review of the 3rd book in the series The Only One which I have just started so stay tuned……………….
The Hunted One (End of Days)
The Lost One (End of Days)

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