The Hybrid Queen Series Book Review – Brittany Nicole Allen

unnamedI have just finished reading The Hybrid Queen Series: All In One which was written by a fairly new author – Brittany Nicole Allen. The book which follows the Zyla who was created to fight against human hunters puts her in danger in all sides. The humans want her dead and since she can make the werewolves immortal they want her blood making her a target from various directions. When she becomes pregnant she vanishes with little clues to where she may be found and since the baby that she carries will be beyond powerful and is valuable to her coven she needs to be found safe. Book two covers explains just how powerful the pure blood child is and how the lycans on pureblood is also powerful but will they all be able to withstand the fight that is going on amongst their races and what will the human Diego bring to the table if he discovers them? In the third installment the humans have discovered the supernatural and want them to cease to exist they must fight to keep their own species from becoming extinct which will include them using vampire children and even the unborn to protect themselves against what is coming. The supernatural world that once fought amongst them including the vampires, lycans and werewolves will now be forced to stand together if they want to survive this. The book itself has some very interesting twists and turns that I think help it to stand out against other books that may be similar. The book for the most part reads well and I enjoyed reading it. I would recommend that anyone who has yet to read this series to do so. Click below to get your copy of this amazing series today.

The Hybrid Queen Series: All In One

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