The Hunted One (End of Days Series) – Meg Collett

20561851Before I actually get into the book review I have to say that this book should be scored much higher than a 5 just because of the in-depth creativity and uniqueness that this book was written with. I can see the End of Days series being on the bestselling list and someday putting; author Meg Collett in a league with some of the greats such as Anne Rice.  Typically am not a big fan of books that revolve around angels just because many authors tend to play off of religion which can turn a great book into more of a bickering fest amongst readers. However, this book which follows the triumphs and trials and errors of the fallen angel Michaela and Gabriel along with their human protector, Clark as they push forward in attempts of setting things right and stopping the end of days from happening gives you the freedom to choose what you want to believe as the story unfolds. The truth needs to be revealed about who really let the fallen angels inside of heaven and who is hell bent on taking over. Michaela has been stripped of her powers and wings making life more difficult for  her as an archangel but will she have what it takes to set things right? I can’t tell you the answer to that : ) – You must click the link below to get the book today and find out what makes Meg Collet my author choice of the month!!!!!

The Hunted One (End of Days)

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