The Dragon Guard Series Book Review – Julia Mills

her-dragon-to-slaySo I recently had the privilege of reading The Dragon Guard Series which is written by the lovely Julia Mills. These books are amazing and I enjoyed every minute of reading them. The first book in the series Her Dragon to Slay introduces us to the tough as nails main character Kyndel and her destined mate Rayne as he races against time and all the odds to keep her safe. Book two in the series Her Dragon’s Fire is about destined mates Grace and Aidan. This brave dragon guardsman will give his own life it will keep her safe. Book three in the series Haunted by Her Dragon was actually my favorite book in the series and follows Lance as he watches over Samantha in the shadows keeping her safe from any harm that may come her way. Samantha who lost her family in a tragic accident is finally mending her heart and her life but she knows that something or someone is watching her and wonders why and who may be out to hurt her. Lance wants nothing more than to live out his days with the one woman that he is destined to be with but must put her safety first. Book four in the series For the Love of Her Dragon follows the lovely white witch Kyra who has been independent and strong her entire life but when she chooses to turn her back on her birthright will bring danger that she never saw coming. Fortunately Royce who is destined to be with her will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and to unravel a mystery that can destroy them both. There are twists and turns in this book that you will not see coming. I absolutely loved reading each and every one of these books and the best thing about them is that if you are limited on time you can read one book and then move on to another because even though they are a part of a series they can be read as standalone books. I look forward to reading more by this talented author in the future. From her beautifully designed covers to the creative flare that she has for writing you will not be disappointed. If you have yet to get your copy of these books you are missing out so click below to get your copy today.

Her Dragon To Slay (Dragon Guard Series Book 1)

Her Dragon’s Fire (Dragon Guard Series Book 2)

Haunted By Her Dragon (Dragon Guard Series Book 3)

For The Love Of Her Dragon (Dragon Guard Series Book 4)

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