Taking Back Sunday Book Review – Cristy Rey

coverSo I just finished reading Taking by Sunday which is book one in the Incarnate Series written by Cristy Rey. The book follows main character Sunday who just happens to be a powerful witch who doesn’t want her powers and for years have hid from them until she joins a new coven and suspects things aren’t as they appear. As if Sunday didn’t have enough problems to deal with she also has a werewolf named Cyrus tracking her with instructions to bring her back to her original coven. However, what she doesn’t know is that she may also be loved by the very one that is to capture her. Will he return her to the coven that she has been hiding from or will he help her to discover what it is that shes seeking? Sunday has the magic inside her to practically make anything or anyone do as she pleases and when an innocent gathering appears to be driven by something dark she will push forward to find out just who is causing it. This was an awesome read and Cristy Rey is definitely a talented author. If you have yet tor read this book you are missing out so click below to get your copy of Taking Back Sunday today!

Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate Series Book 1)

Edge of Seventeen (Incarnate Prequel Novelette One) (Incarnate Series Book 0)

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