The Road To Hell Series Book Highlights – Brenda K. Davies

If you are looking for your next paranormal 5 star book series I encourage you to check out The Road To Hell Book Series by Brenda K. Davies. There are currently three books in the series which includes Good Intentions, Carved and the latest release The Road. From the blazing covers, strong plot and detailed […]

MUST READS by Libby Doyle

If you are looking for that next fantastic science fiction read I definitely recommend the latest releases by talented author Libby Doyle The Passion Season and upcoming release of The Pain Season gives you the ultimate sci fi read with a mixture of romance and fantasy. Make sure to grab your copies today The Passion […]

Heart of An Alpha Book Highlights – G.A. Hurst

Heart of An Alpha by G.A. Hurst Over twenty years after tectonic disaster destroyed most of humanity, life is finally beginning to reemerge. Rissa a human survivor and her team have begun to explore and find themselves attacked by armed and dangerous strangers, two of her team are taken prisoner. Gage and his wolf shifters […]

Chloe & Eros: The Bet Book Highlights – Brandy Walker

Chloe & Eros: The Bet by Brandy Walker Series: Mystic Zodiac – Bonus Book What was meant as a scathing remark has turned into a twelve-month long bet between Chloe (Clotho, the Fate of Birth) and Eros (the God of love and desire.) Chloe and Eros are revered Gods on Olympus. Their station in the […]

Innocent Blood Book Highlights – Louann Carroll

Innocent Blood by Louann Carroll They call him the Pope on Dope. Danny Fisk has a secret no one outside his family would believe. Danny sees things others can’t: like ghosts and the future. In his teens, he used drugs to escape his gifts, but with help from his family, Danny cleaned up his life. […]

Laura’s Secret Book Highlights – Lucy Kelly

Check out one of our featured books Laura’s Secret by Lucy Kelly. If you have yet to read this book make sure to grab your copy today. Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF. In book one of the Changelings: Laura Donahue believes she’s as […]

Arrested by Passion Book Highlights – J.D. Carabella

Make sure to check out one of our featured books Arrested by Passion by J.D. Carabella. This is the Complete collected Arrested by Passion Series with never before released content! To most of Kathleen’s readers she’s just a pulp fiction writer who spins tales about monsters and magic. On the brink of World War II, […]

Infected Book Highlights – Jessica Gomez

Check out one of our featured books Infected by Jessica Gomez. If you have yet to read this book grab your copy today! **WARNING** There are some controversial issues in this book. Rape being one of them. If you are sensitive to this subject, this book is not recommended for you. Due to some subject […]

Corralling Kenzie Book Highlights – Joanne Jaytanie

Today we are featuring Corralling Kenzie by Joanne Jaytanie. If you are looking for your next favorite read we suggest you grab your copy of this book today and find out out why we personally think its amazing. Will Kenzie ever find peace and security inside the corrals of her ranch again? Kenzie Vaughn is […]