Stanley Swanson Book Review – S.K Ballinger

51YGxn9knRL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_Being the paranormal addict that I am I devoured Stanley Swanson in just under 24 hours. Playing devil’s advocate the book could use another read through and some basic edits done to fine tune it but overall I enjoyed the story line. It was definitely different than what I have read over the last few months from other similar paranormal authors. I like where the series is heading and I look forward to following along and watching as the characters move forward and new ones are brought to light.
My favorite part about actually reading the books is truly feeling the author’s passion for his story if that makes sense.  He wants you to love these characters and see them the way he does and does so wonderfully with complete details.

Ride the emotional roller coaster through the story and find out why some paths are just meant to be crossed. Two thumbs up for this book! Great job S.K Ballinger!

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