Soulless Light Book Review – Joann H. Buchanan

51hhwgBaWtLI recently just met Joann H. Buchanan and decided to check out the books that amazon had of hers. The first book that I purchased was Soulless Light because it sounded out of the box and being a paranormal fan it was something that intrigued me. The book which follows main character Julia is a bright spirited young woman who has chosen the path of a midwife and being in the 1300s there was not a huge supply for these. She loved her peaceful village and being able to bring life into the world and in addition to finding her love for a career she also grows to love her child hood friend Joseph.

Things suddenly become a disaster after the Templar Knights who believe someone in the village is practicing witchcraft and is a sin against god. However, there really isn’t anyone who is doing wrong but after they massacre the entire village an angered spirited Julia is given the chance in death to have her revenge that she could not have or prevent in life.

Soulless Light was written to spook you, shake you and keep you on edge and this talented writer did that and more. The bloodshed and action that is packed in this short novella will surprise you and I was actually sad once it was over. I enjoyed the way that the author captured the feelings and depicted a picture that I mentally could see myself there as things were happening. You will not regret reading this book and honestly I cannot wait to move on to the next book on my list by Joann H. Buchanan which is I Am Wolf!!!! If you have yet to read Soulless Light click below to get your copy today!!!

Soulless Light

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