Ribbon of Darkness (Trouble With Elves Series) – Decadent Kane

coverSo a few days ago I had the pleasure of reading Ribbon of Darkness which is the first book in the Trouble With Elves series, written by Decadent Kane. Now first off I must tell you that I have rarely read books about elves so I was interested to see how this one turned out. When I first read the description of the book supplied by Decadent I was a bit hesitant because it came across as silly with them jingling each others bells etc LOL! However, after reading the book which follows Ribbon as she attempts to settle in to actually being an elf but is being hunted by Draven who has been given the task to bring her and her family back to the North Pole in hopes of saving Christmas and the North Pole. This fun loving book has everything that you are looking for in a light read including magic, romance and creativity that only a talented author can do. One of my favorite things about this book is the humor and quirkiness that Decadent Kane gives to her characters bringing them to life in our mind and making us feel as though we are right there cheering them on. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a short but fun read and has a passion for the Christmas season! If you have yet to read this book click below to get your copy today!

Ribbon Of Darkness (The Trouble With Elves Book 1)

Tempting Clover: Trouble With Elves Book 2 (The Trouble With Elves)

Steele Your Soul (The Trouble With Elves Book 3)

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