Red Summer Book Review – Antoinette Houston

finalAntoinette Houston, author of Red Summer has really worked hard to bring this story to life giving it the creativity and flare that is needed to really get the book off the ground. The story which follows four high school students as they live out their daily lives varies from other books because these students have no end because their life is currently on repeat meaning they live out their high school years over and over until something disturbs the pattern that has been set forth before them and will change things forever. The paranormal oddity that is added to the story really enlightens why things are the way they are and how it will change things for good. The main character Rita is well put together and you will soon learn of her ability and how other characters Nikki, Ingrid and Wil play their part as well. I really enjoyed reading the book and can see great things from this amazing writer. I think any readers that enjoy suspense and twists will love Red Summer. If you have yet to read it make sure to click below to check out this amazing book today.

Red Summer

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