Ravenous Book Review – Erica Stevens


So I have been super busy so I am just now getting around to writing the review on the book Ravenous and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Not that I don’t always enjoy reading books written by Erica Stevens but the action in this one really set it apart from others in the same genre. Most of her books typically have action but this is one of her best pieces yet. Tons of real life drama that we could realistically get sucked into if aliens really do exist. Normally I am not a huge alien fan but she definitely hooked me with this one and if you have yet to read this you need to do so TODAY! The wonders and adventure that you will experience along with the books main character Bethany will leave you wanting more and inspired in ways that you may have never thought possible. Don’t worry there is a bit of romance for those that just can’t live without it : ) – This is the first book in The Ravening Series so I look forward to seeing what happens next with this wonderful set. Right now the book is free on Amazon so click the banner below to get it today!! If you prefer to have the physical book you can also grab it on Amazon by using the second banner!

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