Passion After Dark (Passion Series) Book Review – J.A. Melville

passionSo after coming across author J.A. Melville she agreed to do an interview with us and allow me to review the first book in her Passion Series, Passion After Dark which really puts a new spin on erotica and vampire paranormal books. The book which was written with more than one POV gave a unique feel to the book as they both wanted and craved the affection and body of story main character Allegra. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart but for those that crave intimacy and to feel as though you are there as her body is being touched and ravaged by an amazing vampire this is the book for you. I absolutely loved how well the story was written that covers many typical working women that are loners and need to be pulled from their comfort zone. This talented author has the ability to bring the story to life and give you the visualization needed to really feel the story especially in the spicy scenes. This book will make you wet in more ways than one! Kudos to you J.A. Melvile for making my panties a little wet *wink* – If you have yet to read this book make sure to click below to get your copy today along with the other books in the series that I plan to devour soon : ) with hot scenes and hot vampires what is there not to like?

Passion After Dark: Book 1 of The Passion Series

Passion by Control: Book Two in the Passion Series

Passion Follows Pain: Book 3 of The Passion Series

Passion and Fire: Book 4 in the Passion Series

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