Paranormal Romance Book Ball Author Interview – Lucy Kelly

lucyHere is my author interview with the talented Lucy Kelly for The Paranormal Romance Book Ball Event. Today we will be highlighting her book Laura’s Secret so make sure to grab your copy if you have yet to do so.

Is paranormal romance one of your favorite genres to read and why yes or no?
Yes, mainly because I’ve found over the years that I prefer a little psychic/magical/fantasy element in my stories. I like the “love at first sight/sniff” trope.

How many books do you currently have on the market that have some form of PNR in them and please give titles if you would like?
All of my books do. Even my sci-fi romances have some psychic elements.

When it comes to reading and writing do you prefer standalone books or series and why for your answer?
Both are good, I think series has a little bit of an edge only because it’s so nice to see how favorite characters from previous books are doing. Get a little more of that “happily ever after”.

Do you believe that any type of paranormal beings really exist such as vampires, ghosts etc. and if so what ones?
Absolutely! Ghosts, or the energy of those left behind. There have been tales of shape shifters in mythologies around the world. Truth is stranger than fiction.

What made you decide to write in the paranormal romance genre?
Because those were the characters making the most noise in my head. They insisted.

What do you think makes the paranormal genre stand out from other genres and why would you recommend readers give it a try?
Most people like to put themselves into a book, if only a little bit. They identify with a character. At least I always have. By reading paranormal, it’s like I’m experiencing a little more. There’s magic and other things we don’t get to have in our everyday life. Paranormal books really take you away from the familiar. Because of this I find them more relaxing, I’m further removed from the worries and problems, little headaches, of my real life.

If you could co-write a PNR book with any author who would you choose and why? Celia Kyle because she really knows how to make me laugh. And she really writes the sexy parts well, I still struggle with that. Or S.E. Smith because she also makes me laugh and she has by far the most out there imagination. Her plots are always unique and I continually find myself saying “I wish I’d thought of that!”

Being that you like PNR do you prefer the books to be modest or a bit more on the sultry side when reading or writing in this genre?
Hard to answer, I know, as a reader, I often skip the sexy bits, especially if I’m really caught up in the plot. I’d say overall I only read them about a third of the time. Probably one of the reasons why I still have trouble writing them. When it comes to how modest or explicit, I don’t really have a preference. The only thing I don’t like is when the plot is so thin it’s just a venue to string together the sex scenes. I read for the story!

What is your favorite thing about being an author in general?
Finally putting down all those stories that have been crowding in my head for the last 40 years. Meeting other authors many of whom I also read. Meeting the readers, they give me the best advice on new authors I may not know about. I’ve expanded my social circle and met so many great people. Much better than living alone with just the dog for company!

Do you have any favorite paranormal TV shows or movies that you enjoy watching? Grim, Adams Family, The Munsters, Lost in Space (I’m really dating myself here). I don’t have cable so I can’t watch True Blood, my mom says it’s great. I’ve gotten hooked on many shows in the past, I try not to watch these days though or I don’t get any writing done. I work a full-time day job so I only have my evenings free to work on my books. As it is, it’s been taking me six months to a year to write a book. I’m working on speeding up.

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