Paranormal Romance Book Ball Author Interview – JD Carabella

JDHere is my author interview with the talented JD Carabella for The Paranormal Romance Book Ball Event. Today we will be highlighting her book Arrested by Passion so make sure to grab your copy if you have yet to do so.

Is paranormal romance one of your favorite genres to read and why yes or no?
I love Paranormal, especially steamy and action packed stories. I especially like to be surprised and to have the story include some new twist or take on Supernatural creatures.

How many books do you currently have on the market that have some form of PNR in them and please give titles if you would like?
Almost all of my stories are Paranormal. I write in a continuing Universe called Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal. It includes elements of Lovecraft – ancient beings from outside our world who mean us no good – as well as magic users, shifters, ghosts and eventually vampires, demons, angels and gods. The supernatural is kept secret from most normal people.
The first set of stories is set in the 1930s and are Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance. Arrested by Passion is a BDSM love story between Kathleen, a mage and her cop boyfriend. Nocturnal Voyeur features a romance between Fiona, who can manipulate dreams and Mack, a werebear who’s trying to protect her from the monsters that want to control her. The final story to round out this trio due out in June will be a ghost love story called Dorothy Surrenders.
The Another Dream Come True series of short stories features Faeries that visit people in their dreams to help them realize their sexual fantasies. I plan on expanding those into novels.
My newest WIP is a Contemporary Paranormal story, a little bit more Urban Fantasy/PNR than Erotica. With a monster hunter that falls in love with an angel.

When it comes to reading and writing do you prefer standalone books or series and why for your answer?  
I prefer series because there’s usually more story to tell than a single book can contain. But an author needs to know when to wrap up that series and not just keep going. Eventually the story will come to a conclusion and when the writer doesn’t realize when that is, the quality of the story drops immensely.

Do you believe that any type of paranormal beings really exist such as vampires, ghosts etc. and if so what ones?
If they do, they’re doing a great job of keeping themselves hidden.

What made you decide to write in the paranormal romance genre?
I love paranormal and the fantastic. Mundane stories tend to bore me. I’m a nerd through and through. Mythology and world building are something my friends and I do in our spare time.

What do you think makes the paranormal genre stand out from other genres and why would you recommend readers give it a try?  
They let you touch on so much more than just a normal relationship. The conflict between different races, different cultures and beliefs. The primal urges and going up against things bigger than you makes the story more epic and engaging I think.

If you could co-write a PNR book with any author who would you choose and why? Well, I might as well go for broke and wish I could write a story with Neil Gaiman. Go big, or go home. Love his mind and his writing philosophy.

Being that you like PNR do you prefer the books to be modest or a bit more on the sultry side when reading or writing in this genre?  
If you’re going to go there, I think you should go all the way. I can’t stand fade to black. Would you summarize a fight scene? I feel cheated. My first stories are definitely Paranormal Erotica, but going forward that will be toned down a bit – not in detail, but in frequency – mainly because of the difference in a short story and a novel format. In a short story the reader wants a bit of everything so you have to get it all into every short. In a novel you have more time to build up to it.

What is your favorite thing about being an author in general?
Getting a chance to share my stories with others. That really is what is so exciting about writing to me.

Do you have any favorite paranormal TV shows or movies that you enjoy watching? I’m a Supernatural junkie. Loved Constantine and True Blood, and was a Buffy and Angel fan. Also watch iZombie, American Horror Story and Penny Dreadful. As you can see, I like dark and mature content.

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