Paranormal Romance Book Ball Author Interview – Chantel Seabrook

chantelHere is my author interview with the talented Chantel Seabrook for The Paranormal Romance Book Ball Event. Today we will be highlighting her book Turning Payne so make sure to grab your copy if you have yet to do so.

Is paranormal romance one of your favorite genres to read and why yes or no?
I enjoy a good romance, and like to change genres every now and then, but paranormal is definitely on the top of the list.

How many books do you currently have on the market that have some form of PNR in them and please give titles if you would like?
I currently have five books that are considered paranormal. My first PNR series (Therian Agents) consists of Chasing Payne, Turning Payne, and Taming Kiera. All three books are standalone novels, with HEA. My second PNR series (Mated by Magic), which I co-authored with Stella Marie Alden, starts with Dark Vortex. The second book, Dark Tremor comes out soon.

Chasing Payne
Turning Payne
Taming Kiera

Dark Vortex
Dark Tremor

When it comes to reading and writing do you prefer standalone books or series and why for your answer?
I prefer standalone books in a series. That way I still get the fulfilling ‘ending,’ but I can continue to read more about a character in future books if I choose to.

Do you believe that any type of paranormal beings really exist such as vampires, ghosts etc. and if so what ones?
I believe nothing is impossible. Who knows what is really out there. J

If you could co-write a PNR book with any author who would you choose and why?
Great question. There are so many wonderful authors that I would love to work with. Already I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Stella Marie Alden.

Being that you like PNR do you prefer the books to be modest or a bit more on the sultry side when reading or writing in this genre?
Always the sexy, sultry side.

What is your favorite thing about being an author in general?
My favorite thing about being an author is creating characters and new worlds.

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