Paranormal Romance Author Kristina Canady – Book Elves Event Interview

Here is the interview that I did with Kristina Canady for the Book Elves on the Shelves Event. Her takeover will take place on Dec. 7th 7-9pm CENTRAL!

Are you an indie author or with a publisher and what do you find the pros and cons to be for each?
I am Indie, it is a lot of work to self publish and market yourself, and when you have to hold down a full time job and have a family on top of it, it can be overwhelming. Just have to take it one day at a time. Sometimes, the thought of having a publisher to guide you a bit more on the in’s and outs of this business and offer more support with the editing/ formatting would be nice.

What is your current “work in progress”?
I am editing/ formatting part III in my series due out in April on the Lunar Eclipse, I only release my Lunar Eclipse series books on an actual eclipse. I am also writing my first contemporary erotica, hope to be released by summer.

How many books do you currently have out and titles if you would like?
I have 2 out at this time, Midnight Bloom and Midnight Unveiled of the Lunar Eclipse Series

What one character from your book or books do you connect with most and why?
Sasha, my main character, she is my alter ego in a lot of ways.

Being that this event is for the Christmas Season do you have any special traditions that you would like to share with us?
For the holidays, we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas. I let the kids have a holiday party at the house with a few of their little friends and we do crafts, have hot coco and decorate an edible treat. We don’t go crazy on presents in my house, instead we focus on the quality of our time together. Reading, family games and crafting are big this time of year for us!

What is your favorite Christmas dessert?
Homemade fudge, hands down!

What is the worst gift that you have ever received for Christmas?
Is it cheesey to say that I don’t ever have expectations on this and am just happy when someone thinks about me to even get a gift? But, if I had to put something, it might be from a certain family member who gives a bag of random clearance items from the thriftstore, stuff that doesn’t make sense or go together. I really wish they would just save their money. I rather spend time together.

Who is your favorite author and or favorite book?
I hate this question, lol. Sorry, but it is a long list and I love different authors/ books for different reasons. I can’t name just one. I love Janet Evanovich for her ability to write characters that make me laugh out loud, even if her series are played out, I love Dan Brown for his mystery/ make you think style. Peal Buckner and James Clavell write amazing historical fiction that you can get lost in when you are in the mood for that. Maya Banks and Jenna Jacobs know how to excite a lady with some down right awesomely dirty erotica, and I have many paranormal authors, many who are Indie, who give me exactly what I need when I am in the mood for that.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Audacious, Solicitous and Fortitude. But, if you ask my husband, I am sure he’d add mouthy in there somewhere.

What are your thoughts on being apart of the upcoming Book Elves on the Shelves event?
I am so grateful as a newer author for this event! And all of the hard work that goes into organizing something like this does not go unnoticed, so thank you!

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