Paranormal Romance Author Erica Stevens – Book Elves Event Interview

Here is the interview that I did with Erica A Stevens for the Book Elves on the Shelves Event. She will be doing her takeover on Dec. 8th 6-8pm CENTRAL so make sure to join us for two hours of rockin fun!

Are you an indie author or with a publisher and what do you find the pros and cons to be for each?
I’m an indie author. I love the fact that I get control over what I want to write and do and that I get to have so much contact with the people that reach out to me. I don’t like having to do my own marketing, I’d much prefer to be writing.

What is your current “work in progress”?
Broken, it’s the prequel to The Captive Series.

How many books do you currently have out and titles if you would like?
Currently I have nineteen books published. Captured, Renegade, Refugee, Salvation, and Redemption in The Captive Series. Kindred, Ashes, Kindled, Inferno, and Phoenix Rising in The Kindred Series. Ravenous, Taken Over, and Reclamation in The Ravening Series. The Upheaval, The Divide, & The Forsaken in The Survivor Chronicles though book four The Risen is almost complete too. Under Brenda K. Davies I have A Stolen Heart, and Awakened, Destined, and soon to be released, Untamed in The Vampire Awakenings Series.

What one character from your book or books do you connect with most and why?
Probably Riley in The Survivor Chronicles. She’s tough and spunky but has a vulnerable side, plus she played softball. 🙂

Being that this event is for the Christmas Season do you have any special traditions that you would like to share with us?
I painted my own village that I put out every year but I’ve never really had a tradition.

What is your favorite Christmas dessert?
My mom makes a cheesecake pie that is my favorite thing in the world!

What is the worst gift that you have ever received for Christmas?
I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything I could consider the worst. I’m sure my mom didn’t appreciate the pogo stick as I never got off it and was a bit crazy with the thing, but I loved it!

Who is your favorite author and or favorite book?
Just one I’d have to go with Dean Koontz just because he has so many books I love.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Daydreamer, fun, clean freak.

What are your thoughts on being apart of the upcoming Book Elves on the Shelves event?
I’m extremely excited about it and can’t wait! It’s always great to be able to meet new people and to get to talk with everyone!

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