Paranormal Romance Author Ann Gimpel – Book Elves Event Interview

Here is my interview with the amazing Ann Gimpel for the Book Elves on the Shelves Event. Her takeover will take place on Dec. 5th 9-10pm CENTRAL!

Are you an indie author or with a publisher and what do you find the pros and cons to be for each?
Up until very recently all my books were with publishers. At the time I started writing, I knew less than nothing about the industry, so it was a good choice. Early last fall when my first contract expired, and I opted to get my rights back on my first three books. In the intervening time, I’ve done total rewrites on this series, bought new cover art, retitled them, and developed a new series name. The first book, Dark Prophecy, just went up for presale a few days ago. So far, the things I like about doing it myself are the additional control and access to the sales dashboard so I can assess how my marketing efforts are shaping up. This is a question I could probably answer better a month from now.

What is your current “work in progress”?
I’m finishing up the fine points on Dark Pursuit and Dark Promise, books two and three of the series I mentioned in question one. I’m also working on edits for Icy Passage, a novel set in Antarctica, that’s contracted to Hartwood Publishing Group. Soon, I imagine I’ll receive content edits for Earth’s Hope, last book in the Earth Reclaimed Series that’s contracted to Musa. Aside from that, I have a new series that I’m shopping for a publisher for. Bottom line is I’m busy, sometimes more so than I want to be.

How many books do you currently have out and titles if you would like?
Oh my goodness, but there are a lot of them. Twenty paranormal romance books and four urban fantasies, soon to be six once my other two Soul Storm books (my self-publishing experiment) release. Go to my website at for a list of all my writing, including short stories.

What one character from your book or books do you connect with most and why?
Probably Lara McInnis from the Soul Storm series. She’s a psychologist with training in Jungian dream work—just like me. Interestingly, it cut much too close to home and I never made that mistake again. Can I write a convincing psychologist? Of course, because I am one, but I’d rather keep a bit more distance from my characters.

Being that this event is for the Christmas Season do you have any special traditions that you would like to share with us?
LOL. One of my traditions is surviving the Christmas season. When I was a therapist, it’s a time clients tend to be very unhappy because the holidays can kick up a welter of feelings about how we grew up.

What is your favorite Christmas dessert?
I love Starbuck’s cranberry bliss bars. On the homemade front, I like pumpkin pie. Since I follow a paleo eating plan, I was thrilled to find a great paleo pumpkin pie recipe over Thanksgiving. I’ll make it again for Christmas.

What is the worst gift that you have ever received for Christmas?
Oh my, the list is long. Where to start? To be honest, the intense focus on gifts annoys me. That’s not what the holidays are about. They’re for sharing and families and reconnecting with what’s important to us. It’s never stuff, but people, who should be the focus.

Who is your favorite author and or favorite book?
Again the list is long. I love Nalini Singh, Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Illona Andrews.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Driven. Compassionate. Joyous.

What are your thoughts on being a part of the upcoming Book Elves on the Shelves event?
I love your events, Ravannah, so I’m looking forward to taking part in another one. They’re always so much fun!

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