Paranormal Romance Author Alice Brown – Book Elves Event Interview

Here is the interview that I did with Alice Brown for the Book Elves on the Shelves Event. Her takeover will be on Dec. 15th 10-12pm CENTRAL so stop by and join in on the fun!

Are you an indie author or with a publisher and what do you find the pros and cons to be for each?
I am with a publisher—JK Publishing.  To me, one of the pros of being with a small publishing company is the personal service that is offered.  I love the fact that if I run into a problem, I can pick up the phone and have an answer usually within 10-15 minutes.  Some of the other pros of being with a publisher is once you complete a book, it then gets handed to them for editing, cover, advertising, etc.; allowing you to move on to your next project, rather than spend countless hours getting a book ready to be released.

What is your current “work in progress”?  
My daughter (Lady V) and I have a dragon shifter series out and we are currently working on book 4:  Remathyst, Dragons of Dragonose 4, which is slated to be released Dec. 30.

How many books do you currently have out and titles if you would like?  
9 books total
Vampires Among Us-1, & A Special Gift, Vampires Among Us #2
The Music Box (Stand alone Christmas book)
Up in Flames, Texas Vampire Rangers 1 & Up in Smoke, Texas Vampire Rangers 2 (release 11/25)
Dragons of Dragonose Series:  #1: Sapphamire, #2:  Fire & Ice, #3: Ivormantis (this series has been co-written with daughter Lady V)
My Beloved Werewolf (co-written with daughter, Lady V)

What one character from your book or books do you connect with most and why?
The heroine from my first book, Vampires Among Us.  In the book she is an abused woman who finds a second chance at both life and love in the unexpected arms of a vampire.  I connected with her the most because I have also been in an abusive relationship many years ago; and although he isn’t a vampire, I found both a second chance at life and love in the arms of my husband, who helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.  I drew from my memories in writing the heroine’s emotions in that book.

Being that this event is for the Christmas Season do you have any special traditions that you would like to share with us?
We always make gingerbread cookies, and I have my own recipe that has the cookies turning out large and soft.  Then I make a thin frosting (drizzle cons.) and divide it into coffee cups, adding a different color to each.  We then sit around the table with cake paint brushes and “paint” the icing on the cookies, decorating them.  This is a tradition that has been in our family ever since my husband and I got together.

What is your favorite Christmas dessert?
Homemade Rum cake

What is the worst gift that you have ever received for Christmas?
I don’t know if I have ever received a really ‘bad’ Christmas present.  I always try to be thankful that the person giving the gift took the time to pick something out for me.

Who is your favorite author and or favorite book?
I have so many favorite authors I couldn’t even begin to list them, however, I will tell you that it was Lynsay Sands and Kerrelyn Sparks were two authors that I originally became “hooked” on paranormal books.  Then I stumbled across Heather Rainier’s Divine Creek series and I was hooked on erotica.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Stubborn, dedicated, tender hearted (sorry, that was 4)

What are your thoughts on being apart of the upcoming Book Elves on the Shelves event?
I am looking forward to connecting to not only new readers and fans, but new authors alike.  I love big parties such as this; the parties stay hoping, giving everyone a chance to make new connections that you might not have had the chance to otherwise.
Plus I just love a good party!

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