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I just finished my interview with the lovely Ravenswynd Series author Sharon Ricklin Jones which was very enjoyable. She went a bit more into detail on some of the answers which I always love to see. Thank you Sharon for taking the time to do the interview with me. You can check out the review that I did on the first book in the series, Ravenswynd Legends by clicking HERE!

What inspired you to write Ravenswynd Series and did you know it would be a series from the start?
A.I had the most fantastically vivid dream, woke up in the middle of the night, wrote everything down, and then wrote about four chapters the next day. My story is not the actual dream, except for a few scenes. One scene that stands out the most is the point where my character is bitten by a vampire.  The feelings, the sounds, the fear mixed with excitement; basically all the emotions that she goes through are exactly what I experienced in my dream.  I did not plan to do a series, but after much consideration and deliberating with my editor, it sort of evolved into 4 books. I also heard that most publishers do not like big books for a first time author, and since each book is over 200 pages, it just seemed the way to go. (Some of my fans are asking for a 5th, but I haven’t decided yet…)

Who is your favorite character in the Ravenswynd Series and why?
A.Now THAT is a hard question! I adore Elizabeth. She’s a bit gullible at first, but she does learn some serious lessons – in time.  But I must admit, Emrys is, and will always be, my favorite vampire. He’s a romantic at heart, and once he decides to do something, he always follows through. He’s madly in love with his mate, dedicated to his whole family, and will go to any lengths to protect them. Plus, he’s hot!

How long did it take you to write the first book in the series?
A.That’s a tricky question since it all started out as one gigantic long story and then morphed into four… but I believe I started writing it back in 2008.
Which one of the books in the series was your favorite?
A.Book four, Ravenswynd Destinies. I think it’s the most emotionally charged one in the series. There are some unexpected twists, issues are resolved, and I remember crying several times while writing it.

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?
A.Loyal, compassionate, kind, sensitive, and creative

Who is your favorite author and how have they inspired you?
A.Diana Gabaldon wrote my favorite book – Outlander. (It’s the first book in her 8 book series. Outlander is one of those books you can read over and over, and never get tired of. There’s romance, adventure, time-travel, and mystery, with a bit of historical fiction thrown in. (there’s even a witch!)  Her writing is amazing; there is so much emotion, her attention to detail so perfect that you feel you are a part of the story- riding along on a horse, eating a warm, honey-dripping biscuit, freezing in the rain, or being chased by wolves. Diana inspires me to never stop learning the craft of writing, in hopes of one day bringing that same type of joy to anyone who reads my books.

How did you find out about
I met Melly (aka Fang Tastic) in a FB group called Shifter and Vamp Romance.

Are you working on any other projects that you would like to share with us?
A.Yes. I’ve been rewriting my contemporary romance novel for the past few months. Originally written back in the early 2000’s, I put it aside when life got in the way.  I had started editing it back in 2008, but that vivid dream inspired me and I spent the next few years on the Ravenswynd Series. And then during the never-ending editing process, I wrote my time-travel book, River of Time. I’m also working on another time-travel romance novel. So far I have the beginning and the end. This one will take lots of research since my character ends up in the 1850’s.  But I think it will be as much fun as writing River of Time was.

What advice would you give to new authors just starting out?
A.READ. Read a lot. Read whatever genre you like to write, but also read others. Read what other successful authors have to say on writing and publishing. Read up on the rules, and then toss them aside. Write to please yourself first. If you’re passionate about your stories, chances are, others will be too.  Unless you’re one of the really lucky ones, don’t expect to become a millionaire doing what you love.
Once you’re published, keep writing! And have fun!

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