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I just finished my interview with Shannon Bell, author of the Mortal One! Thank you for taking the time to do the interview with us Shannon and I hope that you all will check out the review that I did on her book which can be seen HERE:

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How did you come up with the idea for the Mortal One?
I’ve been obsessed with vampires since I was a kid. This book kind of wrote itself.

Is the Mortal One a standalone book or will it be part of a series?
It will be part of a series. It is yet to be determined how many books will be in the series – the characters tell me what they are going to do, so I won’t know until they tell me!

How long did it take you to write the Mortal One?
I started writing the book in January 2009 and went to Florence, Italy in order to do some of the research. I then had a baby and that slowed the process down. I finally finished the book in October 2013 and had it published.

Obviously the Mortal One is about vampires is this your favorite thing to write about or do you have a passion for other paranormal beings?
Vampires are what I’m most passionate about, but the next books will feature some other paranormal creatures.

Who is your biggest supporter?
My mom is my biggest supporter. She read every chapter as soon as I was done with them– and now she is the one propelling me forward to write book number two.

Are you currently working on any other projects that you would like to share with us?
I’m currently working on the sequel to “The Mortal One”. The working title is Immortality Stolen and will go into greater detail as to what a truth seeker is and what Olivier’s motives are. My goal is to have this published in December.

Can you tell us something totally random about yourself that your readers might be surprised by?
I got married in a hot air balloon. My husband and I wanted to do something completely different because it was a second wedding for both of us. We said “I do” at 2100 feet

Do you have a favorite author and how have they inspired the writer that you are today?
Laurell K Hamilton is my favorite author. She helped me to look at paranormal creatures from a new angle and made me realize that it was okay to write in erotic ways, even though Anita is a little sluttier than my characters:)

What advice would you give to new authors that are just getting started?
No matter what, write. If you have a story inside of you, find the time to write it, even if it’s only a chapter or two at a time. Attend writers conferences to get more information about the art. I am a member of the Florida Writers Association and would never have been able to finish my book if it weren’t for them.

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