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I have just completed my interview with R.M. Garcia, author of the Foundlings Series which currently has 5 books and he is working on the 6th. Thank you for taking the time to do the interview with us and giving me the privilege to review your awesome book. I have no doubt that the four following and the current one that you are working on will be just as good if not better. Check out the book review that I did on the book by clicking HERE!

Check out all the books that we have listed by him: Vampires

How long did it take you to write the first book in the The Foundlings Series?
The initial draft took me about 3 months of non stop writing it went into print after 6 months.

When you were writing the first book of the The Foundlings Series did you know that it would actually be a series from the get go or was it to be a standalone book?
I always felt it was going to be a trilogy, but now it looks like the entire series will be nine books.

Obviously The Foundlings Series is very different than the typical vampire book so was there a reason you chose to add various “types” into the books including the Jewish & Nazi?
Well Nazis, to me at least make the best villains. You know they are evil from the word Go, and since they hated Jews it was simple to put them as an adversary.

Who is your biggest supporter and why?
Honestly that is something that surprised me. My family was like Meh you are writing a book, good luck with that. My biggest supporter at first was Amy Dewalt, a fellow part time co-worker, who is also an English teacher. I had told her about the short story that I wrote back in high school that was the basis for the Foundlings. She encouraged me to write it and she would edit it for me. I wrote the first chapter and delivered it to her and she thought it was great and that was what gave me the will to push though.

Due to the nature of your book having Jewish and Nazi vampires have you ever had negative feedback before a person actually read the book?
I took great pains to learn and understand Jewish customs, so that I would not offend anyone in my depiction of Jews in the story. I am now Jewish so that was a tough job, but thus far every Jewish person that has read it has not made any negative comments about the storyline.

Have you written any other books that you would like our readers to know about?
Currently there are four other books in the series, I am writing book six now.
The Foundlings
The Vampir Manual of the Reich
The Beasts Within
The Codex of Vampiric Bloodlines
The Shrouded Sagas

What one word would you use to describe yourself?
Loyal, which I think comes across strongly in my writings.

I do believe that I read that your writing led you to your wife so would you like to tell us how you met her?
That is a funny story. after I had written book one and two I decided to head to a Convention to peddle my wares. Amongst the other author present was a YA paranormal author named Lakisha Spletzer. We started communication via email and then Facebook. Initially we just exchanged information on marketing and that evolved into, well, more.

Do you have a favorite author and if so have they impacted the writer that you today?
I have several actually, but if I have to pick a top one, I would have to say Orson Scott Card. I love the way he weaves a story that surprises you at the end. I can see most plot twists coming a mile away, so being surprised is a nice feeling for me.

What advice would you give to new authors that are just starting out?
The hardest thing for me was just getting it done. So to that extent I have 3 keys to writing,
1) Do your prep work 1st.
This means get everything your will need set up before hand. Writing program, writing area, research materials, music, notebook pad (to write down sudden ideas that may come to you. to be kept by your bed at night, and taken into the bathroom at all times)
2) Get rid of distractions.
When I started writing I closed down my World of Warcraft account and I do not have Facebook running on my machine, only Pandora, Wikipedia and thesaurus.com, Distractions will kill your time, for your first book you need to plow threw it, once its done you will have a better sense of the time management needed to write your next one.
3) You will be alone in this, so don’t count on anyone. I am not saying that you wont have help, I was fortunate to have a lot of help from friends. I am simply saying that don’t count on it. That is why step one is so important, Also support from your family will be next to nil, and that is to be expected. Your best bet for aid will be to reach out to other authors.

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