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Just finished my interview with the talented author Nina Mason, who wrote The Queen of Swords so check out the review HERE. Thanks so much for taking the time to do the interview with us Nina!

You can see the books we have listed by Nina Mason here: Vampires

How did you come up with the idea for The Queen of Swords: A Paranormal Tale of  Undying Love?
My initial idea, believe it or not was to do Twilight meets Pride & Prejudice. It evolved a lot since that first nugget of a concept and now is nothing like either book. Two things I set out to do from the start are still in the book: the vampire’s history and references to classics of vampire literature. These were frustrations I had with Twilight. The vampire had very little backstory in the first book and I felt it a waste of an immortal character to just have him aloof and attractive. I also read a lot of conversations on the internet about Twilight frustrating in their ignorance of the genre. Vampires are mythical and fictional creatures. They have whatever tropes the author assigns. If you want your vampires to sparkle, they can sparkle. Bram Stoker gave his no mirror image to symbolize their lack of soul. Different authors do different things. My vampire is a blood-drinking Celtic incubus known as a Dusios. He was cursed on the eve of his wedding by a dark wizard who wanted him as one of his minions. To stand out in the genre, an author has to get creative with the tropes.

Is this book a standalone or will it be a series?
I wrote it as a stand-alone but have not ruled out the possibility of turning it into a series one day. I originally intended it to be a trilogy, most of which I’ve already written. But so much changed in the first book over time, the sequels no longer apply, so I’d have to start all over with new concepts.

Is vampires your favorite type of paranormal being?
I’m a fan of vampire fiction, but I like all kinds of paranormal creatures and like to play with the mythology. In my next series, my “vampires” are the enslaved breeding drones of the legendary Queen of Avalon. They were Scottish nobles who fell in battle before being taken into the Thitherworld. They drink blood and can change their form into any sort of creature. Each has a go-to alter ego they assume to hunt. The series is titled the Knights of Avalon and each of the four books will be named for a knight of the tarot.

How long did it take you to write The Queen of Swords: A Paranormal Tale of Undying Love? About six years. I wrote other things in the meantime (the sequels I mentioned and a political thriller), but kept coming back to it and reworking it until it was good
enough for someone to publish.

Are you currently working on any other books or projects that you would like to share with us?
Yes. The Knights of Avalon series I mentioned. It’s under contract with Lyrical/Kensington and will be launched in 2015 with The Knight of Wands, book one. That book is in editing currently while I work on the second draft of book two (The Knight of Cups) and plot book three (The Knight of Pentacles). Book Four will be The Knight of Swords. The series is erotic PNR/Fantasy and gets very sword and sorcery in places.

Who is your biggest supporter and why?
My younger sister, Liz. Because she believes in me, encourages me, and buys my books to give to her friends! The Queen of Swords is dedicated to her.

Who is your favorite author and how have they impacted the writer that you are today?
Diana Gabaldon (the hardcover of her newest book in the Outlander series arrived today in fact!). She writes very thick, rich, literary, and detailed Scottish historical time travel. How as she impacted the write I am today? She inspires me and keeps me humble and striving.

What advice would you give to authors that are just starting out? Work on your craft and keep writing. You can’t fail unless you give up.

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