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I have now completed my interview with author of Blind Sight, Nicole Storey and it was indeed a fabulous read. She definitely has a unique flare about her that comes out in almost everything that she writes including the answers to the interview questions that I did with her. Shes a very talented writer so make sure to check out the book review that I did by clicking HERE! Thank you Nicole for taking the time to do the interview with me.

Check out her book that we have listed, Angels & Demons!

How did you come up with the idea for Blind Sight (The Celadon Circle)?
I’ve always been a fan of the supernatural, the paranormal, or anything spooky. Growing up, I used to drive my parents up the wall because I would sneak out of bed to watch those late night creep shows that used to come on T.V. after midnight and I begged to keep Halloween decorations up long after the holiday had expired for the year.
Blind Sight is loosely based on the television show, Supernatural. I was worried that fans of show would revolt in protest but I’ve been assured time and again that the similarities are minimal and the plot is unique and different.

Will Blind Sight be a standalone book or will it become a series?
It is the first book in my Celadon Circle series, which is young-adult paranormal. I am working on the second book in the series now.

Is Blind Sight your first published book?
No. I was with a publisher for two years and published four books with the company. I decided not to re-sign when my contract came up in November. My other three books (part of a juvenile fantasy/paranormal series) are being professionally edited (a concept my former publisher was not familiar with) before I republish them.

Who is your biggest supporter and why?
My husband is supportive in the fact that he knows writing is my passion and stands behind the decisions I make. I also have an online friend, Donna Bossert, who shares my work every chance she gets, informs me of promotional opportunities, and always has time to give her opinion when I need it. My mentor, author Sean Sweeney, has been my rock for almost three years now.

What do you think sets you apart from other authors?
I never really considered this until I got feedback from a few people who beta-read Blind Sight before it was published. I was told the content would offend the most readers and would result in bad reviews and poor sales. One person even suggested that I rewrite the entire book. I thanked them for their opinions but didn’t change anything. It did make me curious, though.
After some time passed, another person asked me why I chose an autistic child to be the main character of my juvenile fantasy/paranormal series. He went on to explain that (in his vast experience as a reader and author) books with special-needs characters were passed over due to the fact that they were usually depressing.

To answer your question, I guess what sets me apart from other authors is that I don’t write for the masses. I write for myself. I’m not afraid to take chances or tackle subjects that are considered “taboo.” I never did like coloring between the lines. LOL!

Are you currently working on any other books that you would like to share with us?
Sure! Right now, I am working on the second book in the Celadon Circle series, Refracted. I hope to have it ready for release this summer. I have also started the fourth book in my juvenile series, Grimsley Hollow.

Blind Sight has an interesting cover can you tell us more about who illustrated the book and if you had a hand in the final design?
This is actually the second cover created for this book. When I left my former publisher, she refused to return the cover art for all of my books that I had designed and purchased myself. I guess some clouds do have silver linings. I found someone much better to do my covers.
The cover artist I use now is absolutely amazing and I never plan to use another. Her name is Silviya Yordanova and her website is Dark Imaginarium Art and Design –
Silviya and I have the same tastes when it comes to cover art. I can give her an outline of what I want and she has the ability to expand on my ideas and make them incredible. So far, she has designed four covers for me and each one makes the old covers I had before look shabby in comparison – and I have always gotten great feedback on my old covers. Silviya is that good!

Do you have a favorite author and how have they influenced you as a writer?
Today, I couldn’t possibly pick just one author to call my favorite. I have way too many – Indie and traditionally published. The first author I fell in love with as a child was C.S. Lewis. His Chronicles of Narnia series introduced me to fantasy and magic, distant lands and mythical creatures – all of which I use in my writing today. He was also the first author to introduce me to concept of Perspective and how it can be used in writing to influence characters and readers.

For those that are just starting out and are hoping to become a published author what advice would you give them?
First of all, make sure to read – read as much as you can. Good readers make good writers. I would also advise not to rush, whether you are writing your first book or attempting to get it published. Take the time to go through all the steps: Rough draft, revisions, self-editing, beta readers, more revisions, professional editing and cover art, formatting, and review of your formatting. Will it take longer to get your book published? Yes. But it will save time, heartache, and bad reviews later on. The work your produce is a reflection of yourself and how seriously you take the writing profession. Make sure your book is as polished as it can be. Readers deserve that.

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