Julia Mills

I just finished my interview with Julia Mills who is another participant in our upcoming Witchy Wednesday event! Thank you Julia for taking the time to do the interview with me and as always its a pleasure working with you!

What inspired you to write a witchy related book?
I think there is a little witch in all of us! All we have to do is believe and we can accomplish amazing things.

Do you have a favorite witch movie or tv show?
Practical Magic for the movie and Bewitched for the TV show.

What is your favorite paranormal creature and why?
DRAGONS!! They are completely magical! Also regal, majestic, powerful, and incredibly loyal!

If you was a witch and had to have a familiar but it could not be the typical cat what animal would you choose?
A Macaw.

What is the name of your witch book/books and your pen name?
All four the Dragon Guard books have wizards and witches – both good and evil – in them. And I write under my own name, Julia Mills

Do you have a favorite witch book other than your own?
The Drake Sister Series by Christine Feehan

If your witch book was to be turned into a movie who would be casted as your main characters?
Emma Rigby as Kyra St Croix and Henry Cavill as her mate, Royce O’Reilly

If you could put a curse on someone who has done you wrong in the past what would the curse entail?
I would hex my 11th grade English teacher and have her only be able to speak with a southern accent for teasing me mercilessly about mine! heeheehee

When it comes to the witches in your book please give me three words to describe them including looks, characteristics or even just the type of witch they are.

Beautiful, Sassy, Powerful

If you could cast a single spell on someone who would it be and what would the spell consist of?
My daughters. That they would live long healthy lives.

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