John Vamvas & Olga Montes

I just completed my interview with the couple/co-authors of WHEREWOLVES and I really find that their writing in and out of the book fascinates me. This is my first time actually interviewing a couple that have written a book together and it was interesting to see how they interact with each other not only as coauthors but also in general as a couple who basically work together. For many couples it can be difficult to spend too much time together but it seems as though what they have is not only talent but respect and love for each other that shines through via this interview. Thank you John and Olga for taking the time to do this interview with me and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Click HERE to read the book review that I did on their book WHEREWOLVES.

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How did you come up with the idea for the book WHEREWOLVES?
The core idea and title for WHEREWOLVES came to us over ten years ago. As lifelong horror film fans, it was especially the likes of George Romero’s realistic treatment of the horror-thriller Martin that left a lasting impression on us. We knew that if and when we wrote WHEREWOLVES it could only happen if the story were realistic; that the events could actually happen. Life went on but we continued to gather and store bits and pieces of real-life stories and events. We were especially marked when a young Canadian soldier, who, knowing we were writers, pulled us aside in a department store. He divulged he was certain his food had been drugged by the military to make him and his unit exceedingly aggressive during a peacekeeping mission overseas. Back many months, the young man felt betrayed, violated, still traumatized by what had happened there. “They did shit to me, bro. All kinds of shit. They made me do things that I can’t ever repeat. You gotta write something about this. But don’t tell them it was me.” Whether what he told us was truth or imagined, that encounter gave us the edge for WHEREWOLVES.

The name of the book is a bit different was there a specific reason why you chose this title?
Once you read the book we think you’ll feel that the title couldn’t be spelled any other way.

How long have the two of you been writing together and will we see other books that you will coauthor?
We’ve been writing together for, wow, it’s already been twenty years! WHEREWOLVES is the first novel we write—we’ve written full-length plays, feature-length screenplays, short films—and we definitely have the narrative bug now. Yes, you can expect more from us. We have already begun breaking down our next story.

This question is specifically for John, how does Olga inspire you to become a better writer?
Olga completes me. But most of all, she trusts me. She lets me push my ideas forward no matter how crazy they may be. She gets what I’m trying to say. Before I know it, she’s on the same page with me and together we shape the craziness into something solid.

This question is specifically for Olga, how does John complement your style of writing?
Johnny’s dialogue jumps right out of the page. It rings true, is original, and slick. I have fun writing description. I think that together we give our writing a nice balance between seeing and hearing.

Do you two ever find it difficult to complete a specific portion of a story based on you each having ideas of how something should be played out?
No. We are extremely in tune with one another when we write. Besides, we usually let the scene write itself.

This question is for you both individually who is your biggest supporter and why?
Olga: I’d have to say Johnny is my biggest supporter. He knows how to bring out my creative best. He lets me run with ideas. He gives me the confidence and push needed to write.
John: Olga is my biggest supporter. I grew up in a tough neighborhood—gangs and such—and never graduated high school. Olga has always seen my potential and believed in my creativity.

Which character do you each connect with on a personal level and why?
John and Olga: All of them, really. We know them all so well, it’s difficult to pick just one. We’ve met most of them throughout our lives and they’ve affected us in some way.

If you had to choose one word to describe your coauthor what would it be?
Olga re John: Einstein-Frankenstein
John re Olga: WordFiend
(okay, we cheated, that’s two words each J)

What advice would you give to new authors just coming out?
No matter how brilliant you think your writing is, hire an editor. One with experience—or at least a degree—who knows what s/he’s doing. It will make your novel that much more brilliant. Yes, family and friends can act as beta readers and give you great constructive criticism but not all will be able to spot point-of-view mistakes, inconsistencies, redundancies, etc. Agreed, it can be a little expensive, but, honestly, it’ll be worth every penny.

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