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I just finished my interview with the lovely J.L. McCoy author of The Skye Morrison Vampire Series and as always was a pleasure to work wtih. Thank you for taking the time to do the interview with me. If you would like to read the review that I did on the first three books in the series click HERE!

How did you come up with the idea for The Skye Morrison Vampire Series?
It just kind of came to me one day.  I knew I wanted to write a book, but had no idea what to write about.  One day, the characters started talking and I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and went about building my characters.  I have to say, it all kind of came to me in a rush.  I was story-boarding like a mad woman for the first two days.  Once my characters kind of told me who they were, I grabbed my laptop and went to work.

How many books are currently in The Skye Morrison Vampire Series and how many can we expect to see total?
There are currently 5 books in the series that are available for sale.  Blood Moon (SMVS, #5.5) will be released in late August 2014, and Retribution of Sins (SMVS, #6) by the end of December 2014.  As for how many books will be in the series, I haven’t the slightest clue. Lol!  I figure I’ll keep writing as long as there is a story to tell.  There will be at least 8 books, I can tell you that much for certain.  The characters haven’t really let me in on their plans yet for books beyond that.

Is vampires your favorite paranormal being and if so what is your favorite vampire movie and book of all times?
Yes!  Vampires are so sexy, mysterious, dangerous, and alluring.  I’ve always been a sucker for a bad boy, and vampires are just about as bad as you can get.  They drink your blood, have been alive for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and they have experience way beyond those of our human years.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of vampires, both in literature and on screen.  Picking a favorite vampire book is pretty much impossible for me, I’ve read SO many great ones, so instead I can tell you about the first vampire book I remember reading.   I was a huge Christopher Pike fan as a kid and devoured every book he wrote as quick as I could get them.  I remember when The Last Vampire was released and I swear I re-read it at least twenty times in a row.  I’d always loved vampire movies, but this was the first book I’d ever read about them.  My favorite vampire movie is much easier to choose.  The Lost Boys has been a favorite of mine since its release in 1987.  It’s cheesy, a bit campy, and typical of the 80s, but I adore it.  Kiefer Sutherland is a total babe, too!  😉

Who is your favorite vampire author and have they inspired you at all?
That’s another really hard one, but I’d have to say Charlaine Harris is my favorite vampire writer.  I’m completely in love with her Southern Vampire Series.  As far as inspiration goes though, I’d have to say no.  My fellow Indie authors were really who inspired me to write.

Do you have other work that you would like to share with us?
I’ve got two novels I’ve been playing around with and hope I can find the time to complete them before the end of 2015.  It’s pretty hard to take a break from Skye’s world, though.  Her story is always in my head, demanding to be written.  I’m crossing my fingers for sure.  I think readers would like the stories I have planned, which are not in my normal paranormal genre.

If you had to choose a single word to describe The Skye Morrison Vampire Series what would it be and why?
Busy.  A lot happens to our heroine, Skye, in a relatively short time period.  Personally, I feel for the girl.  Her nice, normal, vanilla life became non-existent as soon as vampires Jameson Doyle and Archer Rhys entered her radar.  But if you’d ask her, I don’t think she’d have too many issues with it.  She is right smack in the middle of the hottest guys she’s ever seen and is happily bedding her dream guy.

Who is your biggest supporter?
I am incredibly blessed to have a huge support system out there for me.  On the physical side, I’d have to say my admins V, Jax, and Ash Marie.  They assist in everything from running my social media pages, to brainstorming, to beta reading for me.  They are, like, bad ass little ninja angels, always encouraging me and swooping in to take over when I need them.  Emotionally, it’s definitely my family.  They always encourage, brag, help me through the day to day stresses that this job can provide, and the best thing…they are always there to give me a hug when I need it.  IMHO, hugs can fix pretty much anything.  Lol!

How did you learn about OddityReviews.com and are you excited to be a part of the paranormal takeover?
I learned about OddityReviews through fellow Indie author V. Cantrell. She invited me to like the Facebook page and through it, I signed up for the Paranormal Takeover.  Truthfully, I’m beyond stoked to be a part of such an amazing gathering of authors and readers.  Everyone I’ve met so far is so nice and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it.  And I have to say, our girl Melly is the bee’s knees.  I’ve never in my life met someone who was so dedicated, giving, and selfless toward the Independent Author community.  I’m in awe everyday of what she accomplishes and I’m truly thankful to have met her.

What advice would you give to new authors just starting out?
It’s a hard game.  Being an Indie author requires dedication, daily writing, daily promotion, and building your network.  Being Indie means you don’t have a huge publishing house behind you doing it for you.  This is a full-time job. If you truly want to be successful in this field, there are a few things you’re going to have to do.  Write, write, write.  Assign yourself a goal of 1k words a day.  Read as much as your schedule allows.  Reading will help you hone your craft.  Develop a thick skin, if you don’t already have one.  Some people will love your work, but there are those that will hate it and not be afraid to tell you.  There are some really rude people out there and some may attack you personally, all behind the lovely anonymity that the internet provides.  Because of this, I suggest you NEVER, EVER read the reviews that are left for your books.  The only thing it will do is make you doubt yourself.  Every writer on the planet receives 1 star reviews at some point in their careers, it’s inevitable, and those first few reviews you read will hurt.  So, it’s best to make a habit of never reading anything, good or bad.  If you enjoy writing and enjoy what you do, don’t give up. Keep writing, keep pushing yourself to be better, and never stop learning. Above all, write for yourself first and your fans second.  Good luck on your journey!  It’s going to be a wild ride.  =D

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