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So I just completed my interview with the talented J.A. Melville author of the Passion Series which I was able to read last week. You can read the book review that I just did on Passion After Dark which is book one in the series by clicking HERE! Thank you for taking the time to do the interview with us.

You can check out the books we have listed by J.A. Mellville here: Vampires

How long did it take you to write the first book in the Passion Series?
The book felt like it wrote itself. It was only 2 months.

Did you know that the Passion Series was actually going to be a series or were you going to write it as a standalone book to begin with?
I actually wrote one paragraph for a competition about a year or so ago. It was a sexy scene involving a woman and a chance encounter with a vampire. I won the competition and I had people suggest to me that I should write a book about the characters, so I did. It was only as I wrote Passion After Dark and introduced other vampires to it that I decided to write a book for each one. So that’s how the Passion series was born.

Which character do you connect with the most from your Passion Series?
Arissa from the third book, Passion Follows Pain.

Which book of the series was the hardest to write and why?
Definitely book three, Passion Follows Pain. The female character Arissa was a victim of abuse all her life by her own father. With the help of a friend of hers, she’s run away and that’s how the book starts with her finally being free of her abuser. As a victim of child abuse, I could relate to how Arissa felt. Although she suffered more than I did, the emotions are the same. I still felt her fear, pain, the sheer terror of being abused. It was emotionally draining for me to write and at times quite distressing.

What one word would you use to describe the type of writer that you are?
Nervous. I say that because I fear my books won’t be good enough. If you’re talking genre. I write erotica. Not all my books are paranormal.

Are you working on any other paranormal books that you would like to share with us?
I’m writing book 5 of the Passion series now. Adrian is a vampire and warlock but he’s not very skilled. He has another talent which he uses to get the two things he needs to survive, blood and sex. Once the series of 6 books is complete, my next books are not paranormal although I have been asked to write more vampire books down the track.

Do you have a favorite author and how have they inspired you?
I have a lot of favourite authors but as far as paranormal authors, I loved the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer, the True Blood series by Charlaine Harris, The House of Night by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast and the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. I guess when I wrote my Passion series I was inspired by Stephenie Meyer with her more gentle vampires. I wanted mine to have souls, to feel, to be human in nearly all ways but their need for blood and sex.

Who is your biggest supporter?
I have a group of friends who are my biggest supporters. They read each book chapter by chapter as I write them and help me, motivate me and keep me on track. Most of them I’ve never met as they live in the UK and US but they’re always there for me.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you as a person or an author?
I’ve spent my whole life being a bit of a dreamer and even as a child I wrote stories for my friends. I didn’t have the most ideal childhood and the abuse held me back from attempting to publish anything for a very long time. I love writing and it’s my escape. Whether successful or not, I will always write for the enjoyment of it. As for me, I have been told I can talk a lot, guess that’s why I got called Yacky Jacqui at school. Otherwise I’m a mother of three teenage children, living on a 45 acre farm in Tasmania, Australia. I write sitting on the lounge amongst the family. No study, den, cave, or place of isolation for me. I’m an animal lover. I also have a DVD and book addiction and buy a lot of both but have little time to read or watch movies.

What advice would you give to other authors that are just starting out?
Don’t do what I did, be prepared well before your book is published. Have your twitter account, facebook pages, author page, do everything you can to build up that fanbase before publishing. I made the mistake of publishing then doing all that and it’s been a slow, hard grind to get followers. Once you’re published, always be prepared to give away books or swag. Be generous because for every book you give to someone, you might gain a new reader. Most importantly, never take anyone who supports you for granted. No one who is successful in life like actors or authors, artists, etc, none of them would be where they are without their fans and supporters. I don’t care how big someone gets, being polite and showing others respect should never be forgotten. Don’t take anyone for granted.

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