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I am thrilled to be doing our first interview with Erica Stevens, who has written many great paranormal books including one of my favorites which is the Captive Series boasting of vampires. She also has written the Kindred Series, Survivor Chronicles and her latest creation the Ravening Series which I did a book review on the first book in the series, Ravenous!

Check out her books that we have listed here: VampiresAliens

What made you choose the pen name Erica Stevens?
Ten years ago two of my best friends died exactly one month apart from each other. A few months later I was talking to another friend of mine and I told her if I ever get published I’m going to use a pen name dedicated to them. When I decided to try self publishing I went with the penname Erica Stevens in memory of Eric and Steve.

How did you get the idea for the book “Ravenous” and better yet for the entire Ravening Series?
It was actually a nightmare I had one night. I woke up thinking that it would make a great story. I pondered it through in my head for awhile and started writing it when I got hurt at work and had some time to write it.

I know that you have written various vampire books including but not limited to the Captured Series which is one of my favorites, so what made you move on to another area of the paranormal realm of writing?
Ravenous was just something I had to write, once the idea got a hold of me I couldn’t shake it.

Who is your biggest supporter?
My parents have always been there for me and are incredibly proud. My husband is so unbelievably understanding of the stress and pressure I put on myself, and the fact that I work 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week. Though, to me, it’s not work 🙂 He does everything he can to help me out and knows when it’s time to pull me away from the computer!

Would you say that you have any specific type of favorite when it comes to paranormal writing such as vampires, aliens etc?
I would definitely say vampires. I’ve always loved vampires since the time I was a little girl and watched Dark Shadows with my mom. I was a goner after The Lost Boys though and I still re-watch every episode of Buffy once a year! Though I have also written about witches and werewolves, they’re both series I’d like to release one day when I have the time to work on them again.

What would you say is one thing that always helps to motivate you when you are struggling with writers block?
I used to just go and work on a different book. The Captive Series was actually born out of The Ravening Series. I got stuck about halfway through Ravenous and had the idea for Captured so I started writing that book. When I got stuck on Captured I went back to Ravenous. The first two books of each series were written together. Now, I just power through it or I get up and walk around until I figure out where to go.

You have become a popular writer especially through social medias such as Facebook with regular fans so does this help to motivate you at all when it comes to pushing forward even when you may not want to?
My fans definitely keep me motivated, they also make me laugh at least once a day and I try hard not to let them down!

What can we expect to see from the Ravening Series?
A lot of action, romance, and horror; there are plenty of twists and turns and unexpected surprises that will keep you on your toes. It’s a little more sci-fi than my other series but I think the love between Cade and Bethany is especially strong and their world is exciting to read about.

Who does your book covers and do you typically have a hand in choosing what the design will look like?
I have my covers done by Dane is great to work with and I usually give him a general idea of what I want and he comes out with some amazing things. Usually the first one is the one, but if I have any problems with it he’s happy to change them.

Out of the many comments, feedback and reviews that you have received can you tell us one that still stands out to this day in your mind?
My first review. It was the first time I knew for a fact someone else had read something I wrote, and they liked it! I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Last question what single author do you believe has had a huge impact on the entire paranormal book area as a whole?
Bram Stoker made it all possible and Dracula is still one of my favorite books.

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