Elissa Daye

I just completed my interview with Elissa Daye and what fun answers she gave! Thank you Elissa for doing the interview with me!

Do you have a favorite witch movie or tv show?
I like The Craft and also Charmed.

If you could cast a single spell on someone who would it be and what would the spell consist of?
I would cast it on my children to always be safe and live a happy life.

What is your favorite paranormal creature and why?
That one is tough. There are so many to choose from! I would probably have to say ghosts though. I love watching the Ghost Hunter shows.

If you was a witch and had to have a familiar but it could not be the typical cat what animal would you choose?
An albino ferret. I used to have two of these and people are totally creeped out by their pink eyes, not to mention how spastically hyper they are.

What is the name of your witch book/books and your pen name?
My name is Elissa Daye and my witchy books are The Destined Series, which contains In Flames, In Rapture, and In Chains.  Also, The Land of the Shadows which is an urban fantasy.

Do you have a favorite witch book other than your own?
The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. That book has haunted me for years.

If your witch book was to be turned into a movie who would be casted as your main characters?
Someone hot and sexy for both. I’d almost want a no name just so people aren’t distracted by what other shows they’ve been in.

If you could put a curse on someone who has done you wrong in the past what would the curse entail?
This one made me chuckle. I would wish for this person to be bald and any wig they wore to fall off all day long. That would be awesome.

When it comes to the witches in your book please give me three words to describe them including looks, characteristics or even just the type of witch they are? Independent, self-assured, badass.

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