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I just completed my interview with the talented author, Dave Rudden who wrote Born Hunter. This short but amazing book is the first in what I see as being a successful paranormal series. The book really does have something to offer a wide variety which will help to sell more copies over the coming months as it gains more exposure. Thank you Dave for doing the interview with me and allowing me to review your book. I wish you the best and hope that we will have the privilege of reviewing more books in the future. Click HERE to read the book review that I did on the book Born Hunter.

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How long did it take you to write Age of Humanity:Born Hunter from start to finish?
BORN HUNTER took me  about six months to write and rewrite. I have the a very good team of proof readers and the best editor. It took sometime to get BORN HUNTER ready, but it was worth every minute.

Is Age of Humanity:Born Hunter a standalone book or will it be a part of a series?
BORN HUNTER is the first of five short stories that are more character background stories for a three novel series I am working on. On top of those eight books, I am also writing a three novel series that takes place 4000 years ago and I have a few ideas for stories in between. I also just started working on a series of children’s books. I plan on using my experience as a father of three wild boys to create some fun books for kids.

Who is your biggest supporter and why?
My wife is my biggest supporter without a doubt. She has to listen to all my crazy story ideas and proof reads my work before they go anywhere else. She loves to read my books, and was the first person to push me into writing for fun.

Who does the covers for your books?
A very good friend of mine, John Patten, took some time out of his busy schedule to help with the art work. He took my ideas and made them a reality.

What one word would you use to describe the type of writer that you are?

What made you choose witches, vampires and werewolves for your book instead of just a single paranormal oddity?
The overall story in my books is about humans and how they interact with the supernatural. This opens up a world of possibilities. I have books involving everything from the first vampire to dragons. Some of my books don’t’ even talk about the paranormal until the very end. One of my character background books, EYE OF THE BULLET, is about a female Russian assassin that only encounters a vampire at the very end of the story. I have to admit that vampires are my favorite paranormal oddity. One of my characters is named Marcos, who you meet in BORN HUNTER, and is the nastiest vampire I could think of. Some of the things he does in my books even make me cringe.

Do you have a favorite author and have they impacted the type of writer that you are today?
I have a long list of authors I like to read. I enjoy the classics like Bram Stocker, but I also enjoy Terry Prachett and Stephen Hunter’s works.

Are any of the characters in the book Age of Humanity:Born Hunter closely related to you or anyone else in your life?
At times, I will model a charter after someone I know, but then I add my own twist to them. It think it is important to have a touch of personality to my characters. I hate to think of who I modeled Marcos after.

Are you self-published and if so what do you find the most difficult thing about the entire process to be?
I am self-published. I think the hardest part is getting my name out. I am very fortunate to have a team of people working with me that believe in my work to help with proof reading and editing. If I didn’t have them I would be lost. That leaves me with trying to expand my readers and getting people to pick up my books.

What advice would you give to other authors that are just starting out?
There are some hard critics out there, but you have to listen to them with an open mind and don’t take it personal. I have spent years working out the details of my stories. At first, it was hard to hear about all the errors I made in writing my books, but I listened. This is actually the second go around for BORN HUNTER. There were some errors in the first release and I was told all about them. There was nothing wrong with the story the first time, but now all the typos and grammatical errors are fixed. If I had taken the criticism of my work personal, I would have probably given up.

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