Danielle Corrick

I just completed my interview with the talented Danielle Corrick which is an adult vampire writer that will keep you on your toes. If you enjoy reading mature books then this is the author for you. I recently read and reviewed her Erotic Vampire Romance Trilogy and it will definitely leave your blood boiling. She’s a lovely author with much success in her future and I personally cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.

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How old were you when you knew that you wanted to be a writer?
I can remember writing poetry, as early as learning to write.

How did you get the idea for the “An Erotic Vampire Romance” series and how long did it take you to write it from start to finish?
The idea for my ‘Erotic Vampire Romance Trilogy’ came from my obsession for vampires, poetry, theatre, sex, fantasy and love. With losing my younger brother Piero to suicide back in 1997…his passing had given me a true reason to put my feelings down on paper, and not just a poem this time, but rather it be a complete book. I had begun this journey for my trilogy soon after my brother’s passing…leaving me with a very dark outcome of a read. When I reread my unfinished work…that’s when I had decided to stop writing. It was bringing me to a darker place, other than the place I needed to be…in a place of love and light. I had than decided to place the unfinished book in my dresser drawer until I was ready to continue. Ten years had passed, and now with more life lessons within me, and more light inside of me and spiritual growth…I was asked to continue my book by my very dearest friend Dana Addison Dowd. She had mentioned…not to call her until I had taken the book from my dresser drawer, and had started to continue writing. Her belief in my writing had given me this sudden drive…that not only did I finish the one book, but I have now a complete trilogy five years later.

Who is your biggest supporter and why?
If I were to choose who my biggest supporter is…it would be my two amazing beautiful children. Jason 10, and Desiree’ 8. They love the idea that their mommy is a writer, and they love the idea that someday mommy’s books may take flight…and become a movie, as their mommy is dreaming to create. My children give me the strength to want to make this dream become alive. When I look into their innocent eyes and I see the love that they have for me, and the hope and the faith…all I want to do is keep moving forward, and show them THAT DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! My children are my fuel, my energy…my guiding light

What made you choose to do erotica books versus normal vampire related books?
I decided on writing my vampire series with an erotic vibe…honestly, because vampires are seductive and extremely sexy, I love sex, and sex sells! Being that my material is written as personal diaries…I felt that I had full control and full authority to fit sex into the story the way that I have done, and in such a raw manner, and pull it off erotically because of this intimate style of writing. A diary/journal format.

Which character would you say that you relate to most in your book?
If I were to choose a character from my trilogy that I relate to the most…it would most definitely be LANA BLACK!

Are you self published and if so how did you find the experience?
I am a self published author who will never lose hope, faith, and the belief in my dreams…despite what I have read and heard about being a self published author, about my work never making it into the spot light. I must be honest, as positive that I am about my work…this is by far the hardest road I have ever driven. As I will continue driving with aspirations to reaching my dreams, and creating a movie!

What is one thing about you would most readers be surprised by if they knew about you?
One thing about me that may be surprising to readers…is that I am a goof ball, a complete jokester! My work should be a comedic read, however surprisingly it’s EROTIC!

Do you have a favorite author and have they inspired you in any way?
I can’t say that I have a favorite author, however I can say that I have favorite types of books that I love and enjoy to the fullest to read. I love to read self help, self exploration, and inspiration driven reads. These types of books have helped me to find me, create the me that I want to be, and to become the writer who I am today. With reading such material…this alone was a  major stepping stone to my writing, and writing with passion.

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