Witchy Wednesday Interview – Cristy Rey

This is my second interview with the lovely Cristy Rey and enjoyed it just as much as the first one. This talented woman is the author of the Incarnate Series and is a part of my upcoming event “Witchy Wednesday”. Thanks for doing the interview with me Cristy loved reading the answers!!!

What inspired you to write a witchy related book?
I love witches. My whole life, witches, witchcraft, and, in specific, magic related to witches has always been an interest. Once, a coworker bought me a book for an unspecified holiday (“Because it’s Tuesday” or whatever) that is a guide book on how to be a good witch. My favorite stories all have magic in them. I like witches for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the feminine aspect of it. Going back a ways, pagan and earth-based religions were largely maternalistic versus paternalistic like the Judeo-Christian faiths that sought to eradicate them. I’m a feminist—proudly and vocally so. I seek to write stories that are feminist in theme as well as populated by feminist characters, of all genders. “Witchy” stories give me a great venue for that.

When I started writing the Incarnate Series, it was with the purpose of combining all the things I love in one story. Though Sunday is often referred to as a witch, she’s actually more than that. She’s an avatar for a goddess or, more specifically, she’s a natural witch, an innate conduit of mystical energy. But her stories are largely witch based. So far in books one through three, witches and witchcraft play a major, inextricable role in the plot.

Do you have a favorite witch movie or tv show?
Yes. I’ll give you my favorite witch movies: Witches of Eastwick; Bell, Book and Candle; Practical Magic; The Witches; Mary Poppins (If you don’t think Mary Poppins is a witch, then you’re crazy. She’s totally a witch.); The Craft; The Gift (she’s sort of a witch, more a clairvoyant and medium, but still); and the Harry Potter movies. I’m pretty sure I’m leaving some out. It’s probably an impossible task for me to list all the witch movies I love.

For TV shows: Dresden Files (which only had one season but is based on a great book series by Jim Butcher); Constantine (which I’m super excited about now that it’s going to be a new NBC series), and Supernatural (even though Dean hates witches, I love their take on them and on magic, in general)… Lately, I started the show Witches of East End which I found entertaining and I await season 2 on Netflix.

If you could cast a single spell on someone who would it be and what would the spell consist of?
Ha. I wouldn’t. I have a pretty karmic view of things, including spell-casting. I wouldn’t want to impose my desires (either good or bad) on someone else. Maybe if I hadn’t seen Love Potion Number Nine I might have thought about crafting a spell to get Benedict Cumberbatch to fall in love with me, but…oh, the consequences!

What is your favorite paranormal creature and why?
Werewolves are my favorite, hands down. I’ve had a fascination with werewolves since around middle school and I’ve studied them, even academically, quite a bit. There are lots of reasons why I love them but, in short, they’re the creature that, to me, best expresses the human condition. Isn’t that ironic? But it’s true. Historically—meaning literally where werewolves and werewolf lore originated—“werewolves” were a curse of the poor class, of the working people, and of the peasants. (I really encourage you to read about this if it interests you.) Psychologically and spiritually, lycanthropy represents the individual’s conflict between what Freud termed the “id” and the “super ego.” I mean, this is how I read it anyway. Not to mention, again, the feminine aspect. The gender conflict: a typically male “creature,” dominated by the lunar (feminine) cycle. Dominated to the point of madness. Seriously, this is just me pointing at the tip of the iceberg. I have books on this stuff.

I write what I consider to be a pulpy version of werewolves and I still manage to pull these themes in there. At least, I hope I do. Cyrus is, to me, a classic example of the things I’ve mentioned—so are his packmates.

If you was a witch and had to have a familiar but it could not be the typical cat what animal would you choose?
Do you know that I have tried to give Sunday a familiar? True story: I started writing the Incarnate Series in 2003/4 with what I know now as Book 4. Anyway, at that time, I included a cat. Of course, I’m a cat lady and my cat is totally my familiar. I love familiars. My favorite witch movie (Bell, Book and Candle) has a familiar in it, a Siamese cat named Pyewacket. And you should totally look up why that’s a significant name.

What is the name of your witch book/books and your pen name?
I write the Incarnate Series. Book 1 is Taking Back Sunday, the prequel novelette is Edge of Seventeen, book 2 is Trail of Dead, and book 3 is Wolf Parade. Book 2 will be arriving on September 1st in e-book and paperback. Book 3 will be released in March 2015. I write as Cristy Rey. You can find information on all my books, including the Incarnate Series, on my website a http://www.cristyrey.com

Do you have a favorite witch book other than your own?
Of course! I mentioned the Dresden Files earlier, by Jim Butcher. That is probably one of my favorite urban fantasy series of all time and it’s certainly about a “witchy” character (technically a wizard, because he’s male). I also enjoy MLN Hanover’s Black Sun’s Daughter series, and the Grave Witch series by Alex Craft.

If your witch book was to be turned into a movie who would be casted as your main characters?
I’d love Cyrus to be played by Ryan Hurst but only if he could look just like he did when he played Opie in Sons of Anarchy. I’d like to see Evan Rachel Wood be Sunday… if we could get some great tattoos on her and dye her hair dark (keeping it really really short).

If you could put a curse on someone who has done you wrong in the past what would the curse entail?
Ah. I’m pretty sure I would never curse anyone. That’s my karmic belief system at work again.

When it comes to the witches in your book please give me three words to describe them including looks, characteristics or even just the type of witch they are.
Sunday: Reluctant powerhouse, Incarnate.
Bernadette: Masterful sorceress, liar.
Kayla & Sammy (from Taking Back Sunday): Lacking any talent.
Eunice (from Taking Back Sunday): Senior caretaker witch.
Ingrid (from Trail of Dead): Cunning goddess worshipper.

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