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So I recently interviewed the lovely Cristy Rey who is the author of the Incarnate Series. Thank you for taking the time to do the interivew with me Cristy and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. You can see the book review that I did on Taking Back Sunday (book one in the Incarnate Series) by clicking HERE!

How did you come up with the idea for Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate Series)?
The entire Incarnate Series has been with me since about 2004. Back then, I began writing a novel that turned out to be the fourth installment. I let it sit for a while and, eventually, I started at “the beginning” or, at least, where the published series run begins, Taking Back Sunday. The inspirations for the series are really just lifelong interests of mine: cross-cultural mythologies, witchcraft and werewolves, and the concept of a reluctant hero/ heroine. I also wanted to create the kind of book that I wanted to read; namely, one with a feminist main character as opposed to just a “strong female protagonist.” Sunday and Cyrus are people who could feasibly exist among my friends (were goddesses, witchcraft, and werewolves real). I think the inspiration comes from everything from X-Men comics to an episode from the third season of X-Files to that scene in Reality Bites where Lelaina is talking to the phone psychic, super depressed and mid-nicotine high.

How many books are you planning for the Incarnate Series?
The Incarnate Series, as mapped out, is four books. I wrote a prequel novelette, Edge of Seventeen, and I may write another. These cover Sunday’s history beginning with Cyrus’s first encounter and her “career” with Bernadette, which is a topic of much discussion in the present-day Incarnate books.

When will Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate Series) be available to the public?
Taking Back Sunday has been available since March 2014. The prequel novelette, Edge of Seventeen, was released in April 2014. Book Two, Trail of Dead, comes out in September 2014. And Book Three, Wolf Parade, will be out in March 2015. I’d like to complete the series in September 2015 with the as yet unnamed fourth book of the series.

Are you working on any other books or projects that you would like to share with us?
I don’t only write urban fantasy. I also write romantic women’s fiction and my first of that genre has just been released in ebook and paperback. Weeping Angels is an intense story about grief, identity, loss, and love. It’s a truly special book…that doesn’t have an iota of the supernatural in it. My second standalone women’s fiction novel will be out in Winter 2014/15. It’s called Heart Grow Fonder.

Who is your favorite author and why?
I have so many that I often just list a ton of names when I do interviews. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll name one that seriously “gets” me, I guess. Probably my favorite living author, to be honest, is Neil Gaiman. I think the “why” is self-exclamatory for anyone familiar with his work. What Gaiman does is truly fantastic. He has crossed various formats and media including comic books and graphic novels, as with his Sandman series, and supernatural comedy, as with his novel Good Omens co-written with Terry Pratchett, has even won awards and accolades for his quirky children’s novels, most notably, The Graveyard Book, and has written episodes for Doctor Who. Neil is an advocate for libraries and literacy like no other since Ray Bradbury. He’s a cultural icon as well as an icon of sub-cultures. He’s a marvel. Above all else, he’s a good guy. Neil Gaiman is absolutely someone that everyone should know.

Are you self published and if so what do you find to be the pros and cons of being an indie author?
I am. I decided to because I didn’t really want a “career” as an author. Traditional publishing is a long series of gates and tests, time wasted waiting, and continual rejection. Besides the dent to my ego, I didn’t ever want to pin my hopes and dreams on something that is so out of my control. I am an active participant in everything I do; therefore, self-publishing is more my speed. There are drawbacks and benefits to all sides of indie publishing, just as there are to traditional and small press publishing. I’d like to think that, for now, self-publishing is where I want to be. In spite of the financial risk, it’s a way of achieving success and accomplishing things that, otherwise, I would have to rely on luck, opportunity, and other people to attain.

How did you learn about and are you excited to be a part of the paranormal takeover?
Oddity Reviews is one of those pages that my friends and followers share and invite me to participate with that I always find myself stopping and actually reading. Needless to say, most of what ends up on my Facebook News Feed is something that I’ll hardly notice as I scroll through. Not so with OR. I also love the way OR realized that page takeovers were becoming pointless when page views plummeted due to lack of visibility. Immediately, OR created this paranormal event (and I hear of others to come…no spoilers!) that really help me engage with new writers and help me reach new readers.

Who is your biggest supporter?
I don’t have a single biggest supporter. If you can believe it, I have cheerleaders all over the US. People that have known me for a long time – friends that are family and family – have always urged me to put out books. I do this for them, and they’re incredibly grateful. It’s a perfectly symbiotic relationship. I couldn’t possibly pick just one.

What advice would you give to new authors just starting out?
I’d give this advice to even writers who’d been writing a long time: Learn the craft and the business. Learn everything you can. Information is the foundation for knowledge and knowledge, as they say, is power. With so many resources out there including successful writers and publishers, it’s silly to not take advantage of their advice, their stories of success and failure, and their networks.

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