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I recently completed my interview with the talented author Cheryl Davis, who wrote The Twin Destinies Saga which is a series that follows two special girls that set out to find where they truly belong in this large galaxy of ours. Thank you for doing the interview with us and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future. Click HERE to read the review that we did for the first three books in the series.

Check out her books that we have listed here: Aliens

How did you come up with the idea for the The Twin Destinies Saga?
I knew that I wanted to write a series and the idea of twins with powers really appealed to me. I started thinking about what kinds of powers they would have and where the source of their powers would be and that’s where the idea was born. I wrote Cora’s Kismet (Cora’s story) first and knew that Viola would have her own book in Viola’s Risk.

How did you get the idea for the Destiny Begins: Prequel Novella and when you first started writing it did you know that it would turn into a series?
I got the idea of Destiny Begins about halfway through writing Cora’s Kismet. The more I wrote about Cora and Viola’s parents and dropped hints about what had happened to bring them together and the circumstances around the twins’ births, I knew that their parents needed to have their own story written to lead into the series.

Who is your biggest supporter and why?
I have to say my husband is. He’s always been a supporter of different things that I’ve tried and he knows that I can succeed in anything that I put my mind to. He knows that my creativity is endless and that I have to do something with it or I go crazy! LOL! He’s a great man and I wouldn’t be where I am without him by my side. I am so grateful for him each and every day.

What do you think your biggest strength is as a writer?
Being a reader honestly. Reading books is where it all began for me. Reading opens up your mind and builds creativity. I find that when I go long periods of time without reading, I have a harder time writing so I try to fit at least an hour of reading time in each day. I fully believe to be a great writer, you have to have a passion for reading and that’s one passion that I’ve had for my entire life.

Of the books that have been written in the Twin Destinies Saga which was your favorite and why?
That’s a hard question to answer! As the author, I feel that each book has it strong points that draw me in and make me love the characters. In Destiny Begins, Thomas and Angelica’s battle to protect their children calls out to me because I am mother as well and would fight tooth and nail for my own children. In Cora’s Kismet, the girls find out who they really are but Cora ends up dealing with it better and finding her mate right off the bat. She’s the calmer and more collected of the two girls and a lot like I am most of the time. In Viola’s Risk, Viola has to come to terms with all of the changes in their lives but that doesn’t come easy to her. She’s moody and temperamental which is another side of myself that I see in the twins. Viola is also impulsive and does before she thinks. Cora’s Kismet will always hold the highest place in my heart though because it was the first book that I finished and published in my career as a writer.

Are you self published and if so what do you believe to be the biggest perks of going this route?
Yes, I am a self-published author and I love it! You have full control over your work. There is no big company telling you how to write your book so that the masses will buy it in bulk. You don’t have anyone telling you what cover to use or anything like that. You have so much freedom as a self-published author, it’s truly amazing! Another thing is the massive amount of support from the indie world itself. I have met amazing indie authors who have mentored me and helped me along every step of the way and the fans are out of this world! I love getting to know each and every one of them!

Do you have a favorite author and how have the influenced you as a writer?
I have two indie authors who have influenced, inspired, mentored, and most of all, become great friends. I love you each Chrissy Peebles and Erica Stevens so much! Thank you for everything!

Do you think when writing the Twin Destinies Saga that you incorporated maybe some of your own personal characteristics and desires?
LOL! I think I answered this one above but definitely, yes. Cora has my calm and collected personality. She thinks first before she acts most of the time and holds the people she loves close to her. Viola is my impulsive side that acts first without thinking, highly emotional and speaks her mind without a filter. Angelica has my maternal instinct. She would die to protect her babies, as would I. Every character has a little bit of me in them and comes from my heart.

For those that are just starting out and are hoping to become a published author what advice would you give them?
Take your time and make sure that your work is well-edited and consistent! Yes, editing is expensive but long-term, well worth the cost because poorly edited and put together works will get bad reviews and won’t sell.

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