Brittany Nicole Allen

I just finished my interview with the budding author Brittany Nicole Allen, who wrote The Hybrid Queen Series. Thank you for taking the time to do the interview with me and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future. You can click HERE to read the book review that I did on this all in one series.

Check out the books that we have listed by her here: Vampires, Werewolves,

How old were you when you completed your first book?
I started to write my first book when I was 17 but did not have it published until I was around 20.

What was your inspiration for The Hybrid Queen Series?
I am very obsessed with vampires but especially hybrids. (Vampire/werewolf) I really enjoy all types of vampires shows and movies so I really wanted to write a book about vampires. I think vampires are a unique and interesting species which inspired me to write the series. I knew I wanted more than one book and that I wanted my vampires to be hybrids.

Who is your biggest supporter and why?
My biggest supporter is my dad because he always says to do what makes me happy and writing is a big part of my life.

What made you choose to put vampires, lycans and werewolves in your The Hybrid Queen Series versus just one single paranormal oddity?
All species of the characters are unique to me and I wanted to have a bigger story to tell rather than a story just about vampires. I knew that it would attract a bigger audience because there are people who also like werewolves and lycans rather than vampires. Also because it would make for a better story to combine all species to be able to tell about the rest of the supernatural because so many stories have only vampires. I figured that all 3 species have a lot in common and face many obstacles with one another and the human world which would make a good and unique story. I wanted something different. I really loved the Underworld movie series which also had all species so I think that also inspired me to write my own series of similar sort.

Do you think that you connect with one specific character from The Hybrid Queen Series more than others?
Yes. I think I connect more with the main character Zyla because she is a strong woman and feels she has to take control to protect those she cares about. I think we both would do whatever we felt necessary to take care of those we should.

Do you have any other books in the works?
I am currently working on a new crime book based on a drug cartel. My main character for all my books is always a female so I plan for it to be an emotional story.

What one word would you use to describe yourself and why?
Creative. I think I am a creative person because I do all types of things such as writing books and lyrics, and I do freelance graphic design. I enjoy making things on my own.

Do you have a favorite author and have they inspired you in any way?
I don’t really have a favorite author because I don’t read one specific authors books. I am only into a few specific genres of books like crime, vampires, and action/thrillers. So I only look for books to read that have those type of genres because they interest me the most.

Are you self-published and if so what do you find the most difficult thing about the entire process to be?
Yes I am self published as an eBook author on the amazon kindle store and whoever amazon shares with. The most difficult thing about being self published is it can be hard to get noticed because my books are not in stores. People have to be specifically looking for a specific genre in order to see my books.

What advice would you give to new authors?
Never give up trying to get your book(s) out there. You will be faced with rejections from publishing companies but it’s not impossible because someone somewhere will find your story of interest. Don’t ever give up writing and believe in yourself and your talent.

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