Author Interview – Taryn Kincaid

Here is the interview that I did with Taryn Kincaid for the Howl With The Black Wolves Event.

How long have you been published?
4 years

What role do you play in the Black Hills Wolves?
My book, WOLF’S SONG, is the 4th book in the series.  It starts 10 years before Rebecca’s ALPHA RETURNS. My hero, Brick Northridge, as an 18-year-old pup who hears the voices of the other wolves in his head, tries to take on the old evil alpha, Magnum Tao (the father of Rebecca’s hero, Drew Tao) and is beaten to a pulp and banished from the pack. The story resumes 10 years later, after Drew returns to the pack.

As you know the lovely Rebecca Royce is the sole reason why this event is taking place so if you had to describe her to new readers in 3 words what would they be?
Generous. Tireless. Committed.

Finding the right targeted audience can be a difficult task so what do you find to be the biggest advantage with online marketing?
Well, people are on-line, aren’t they? 😉 So they are at least somewhat familiar with reading and browsing on-line and digital formats. They may  have e-readers and even if they don’t, they often read ebooks on their phones and tablets. They are less likely to say that they like the smell of a paper book and they like to hold it in their hands!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of Wolf’s Return?
Very exciting. I know the general premise, but I haven’t read it yet and I’m looking forward to that!

What is one thing that you want fans to know about the Black Hills Wolves?
There are many different authors, many different voices, and many more books coming in the pipeline. If you like the series, it can go on and on and on…

Of all the books that Rebecca Royce has written or cowritten with others which is your favorite and why?
I like Seductive Powers from her Capes series. So deliciously geeky and quirky. And Initiation from her Warriors series. She’s way too prolific for me to name them all!

Are you currently working on a new project that you would like to share with us?
After WOLF’S SONG releases 1/30, next up for me will be IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT, a foodie contemporary for Fated Desires Publishing that releases 2/24. My current WIP is a somewhat futuristic/fantasy take on the Sleepy Beauty story, which I’m hoping to submit to Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales line. And then I’ve got a semi-sekrit project for Fated, which will release December, 2015.

Are you self published or with a traditional publisher and what do you find to be the pros and cons of each?
I’m published with small, independent digital publishers. The only whiff of “traditional” was my Regency for Carina Press, HEALING HEARTS, since Carina is a digital first imprint of Harlequin. I can never say never, but I don’t see me self-publishing. It’s all I can do to write the things and then promote them; I would have no time or patience for developing cover art, seeking out editors, formatting and everything else that goes into self-publishing. I guess the “pro” of self-publishing is that you are in total charge of what you put out there and reap all the royalties. With non-self-publishing (I really don’t know what “traditional” means, anymore) you lay all the responsibility in someone else’s lap. But they take their cut.

What was one of your New Year’s resolutions?
Oh, IDK.  I am writing this on 12/26/14, so it’s a little early. And I usually don’t make resolutions, since I can never keep them. I guess I would try to take things a little easier, not let things get to me so much and ease up on the worries. If at all remotely possible.

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