Author Interview – Kate Richards

Here is the interview that I did with Kate Richards for the Howl With The Black Wolves Event.

How long have you been published?
Five years

What role do you play in the Black Hills Wolves?
I am the Executive Editor of  Decadent Publishing and am also planning to write for the series in 2015

As you know the lovely Rebecca Royce is the sole reason why this event is taking place so if you had to describe her to new readers in 3 words what would they be?
Lovely, Talented, Unique

Finding the right targeted audience can be a difficult task so what do you find to be the biggest advantage with online marketing?
The ability to reach a large audience in a personal way.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of Wolf’s Return?
We at Decadent have been working on this series for over a year and we are very excited about the first release!

What is one thing that you want fans to know about the Black Hills Wolves?
Black Hills Wolves has strong character development, strong stories and strong, sexy heroes.

Of all the books that Rebecca Royce has written orcowritten with others which is your favorite and why?
While I love everything Rebecca writes..I am a huge fan of the Conditioned Series which begins with Eye Contact. Rebecca has a unique way of presenting her younger characters without making them appear either too young or too old for their years.

Are you currently working on a new project that you would like to share with us?
I am working on a story for Black Hills Wolves…it’s based on a disease paradigm and I am super excited about it!

Are you self published or with a traditional publisher and what do you find to be the prosand cons of each?
I am both.  And I like being both. The most important thing when working with a publisher is to do your research ahead of time. If the publisher doesn’t want you to reveal that you are working with  them for some reason, I’d call that a huge red flag. Talk to other published authors there and get their experience, learn what the publisher does for the share of royalties they receive. Make sure they are reliable and have been around a bit
When I self pub I get to follow the numbers day and night. I can pull a book and fix it if I see anything I missed later, like a weird comma. I get a larger share of royalties. And I have creative control. But I get edited Always.

What was one of your New Year’s resolutions?
I don’t do them, usually. ?

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